Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 1 and 2...

This is our nice car we have for 14 days, a Toyota Camry, with only 13,000 K's on the clock, very nice, and even better when we found the hand-brake is actually a foot-brake thingee. We thought there was no hand brake, though that didn't sound right, lucky we had no hills to park on - after googling we discovered it is a foot brake rather than a hand-break whoops, which we have now found lol. Watched a movie on the plane it was called 'Song for Marion' was not to bad. Also Air NZ was awesome, they managed to find me a seat with no-one in front of me, so I could stretch my legs and get up easily, made the trip so much better, my wheelchair and our baggage all arrived safely, so the trip over was awesome :). They at first said I might have had to pay extra as I was getting a basinet seat as all the other seats with no-one in front were all booked, even though we had arrived 4 hours beforehand, but in the end they didn't. 

The first day involved driving from Brisbane to Broadbeach to our apartment, which happens to be awesome, great sea views, though the photo looked like it is further away we are only about 500m away from the ocean, we can hear the beach it is fantastic. We have great views from the bedroom and lounge and quite a big deck, we are on the 16th floor :). What would make the day is to see a pod of dolphins or some whales.

Our first sunrise, well I saw it, David slept through it :)

Today we went to Pacific Fair, weather was great for most of it, apart from a few heavy showers. I purchased myself some crocs, plain black ones with some bling I can change for them. My god they are so comfy and you can get some really cool crocs now. We had lunch there, shopped some more, checked out City Chic and Myers Plus Size, did see some stuff I liked, but am going to wait till I have been to the outlet malls first :)
I did find these in a shop, after I left I saw the note telling me no photo's whoops :). Anyway in the top picture you can see this little Kombi on a spring, it is a paper weight, well David got that for me, I really love him, but love him more when he buys me stuff lol :).
I have the little salt and pepper shaker already, it is roughly the same price I paid in NZ :)
Anyway was looking at the shops, came across a Lorna Jane, had to smile as the first thing I associated it with was Kazz :)

Have done an outfit post, not sure when I will post it, maybe tomorrow night.
Speaking of tomorrow we are off to 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' have missed it the last two times we were here for whatever reason, and if it is a nice clear day we will go to 'Sky Point' and have lunch there. We purchased the Entertainment Book for the Gold Coast, after tomorrow we will have nearly paid for the book, love those books :).

Anyway I am tired so am heading to bed now, hope there are not to many mistakes in this post.

Catch you all later :)


  1. Glad you are having a good times but CROCKS!!! You usually have such good taste in clothes and shoes lol.

  2. So glad to hear you have had a good time so far !!! I see the sun is out so maybe the horrible weather has gone for now.
    Have a great time at Ripleys !