Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 5!

MargieAnne, I am really enjoying it here, I am tired but still loving it :)

Today we went to 'Harbourtown', today I chose to use the wheelchair, my ankle was just to sore.... :(, I so didnt want too use the chair but knew I had to if I was going to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Today involved trying to find a pair of boots, wide enough to cope with my CRPS ankle, well no such luck, so purchased some converse shoes the next best thing I suppose, well actually I really love the shoes I got :) - the top ones look better in real life :)

So seeing as I can't have real boots this is the next best thing, I went to City Chic and got a belt for a dress I purchased yesterday, and a pair of leggings for under the dress. Harbourtown is factory shopping, though my shoes were not in sale :(.

After Harbourtown we came home for a bit, and an old friend of mine that I have known nearly all my life came for a visit, it was so nice to catch up :). Then tonight we went to Surfers Paradise to the markets, where we purchased some junk food and I got some cool earrings :)

 After that we went to 'Pancakes in Paradise', we had purchased an 'Entertainment Book' before we came here, so using the vouchers, makes eating out so much cheaper :)

I ordered a crepe with ham, cheese and pineapple and chips, David ordered a burger and we took home a sticky date pancakes with ice-cream for dessert later on :). I am sure I will come home lighter, we are only really having one meal a day and I am usually leaving at least half of it, as I am just not that hungry.

 The t-shirt I am wearing is from 'Virtue' which I got yesterday, all my clothes are far to warm to wear here, such a shame I have to buy new clothes :)

Anyway thats another done and dusted, probably wont be an update tomorrow, we are off to 'Byron Bay' for the day, and I am sure it will be a long day, I am looking forward to going to 'Crystal Castle' :)

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