Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I went....

From this.....
To this........
Yes today I got my haircut and yesterday my eyebrows waxed and coloured, I feel like a new women.... I kept the length of my hair slightly longer this time :)

Am starting to get excited now, I mean really excited, studies are more or less up to date, my hair and eyebrows are done, I have wonderful new clothes to wear on my trip and I am actually starting to feel relaxed. 

Have all my medications blister packed and Dr's letter for customs, so am all set there :). Bags are mostly packed and sitting on the dinning room table, so a certain puppy can not get at them and drag everything out :)

Tomorrow have to take Chris to get his eyes tested as we need to make sure we get the prescription right for his diving googles, Chris passed his diving course, so now he can go diving, his dad also did it so they have purchased heaps of dive gear and are ready to go in a couple of weeks. Yay if I ask nicely they might bring me some scallops home one day :)

Well anyway not sure if I will post another entry before I go or not..... but will do a post or two when we are away.

Catch you all later :)


  1. It sounds like you are super-organising. Great to have everything so ready for your trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it xx

  2. sounds exciting :) you look great too


  3. I hope you get some scallops. Yumm! Abut the only shell fish I can eat.

    Love your hair and great to see you looking and feeling so good.


  4. Hope you and David have a lovely holiday.

  5. It looks great!! New brows and hair make you feel fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful trip! xx

  6. YAY -it's getting so close !!!
    Travel safely and see you when you get here !
    Have a great week !

  7. hay holidays. see you when you get back. Looking great!