Friday, July 5, 2013

Just a quick update....

I passed 2/3 papers this semester, so am ok about that, 3 papers would have been better, but I suppose when I think that I can hardly string a sentence together in the afternoon, I should be pleased......

Anyway back into study for now, need to get ahead, Aussie in 3 weeks yay, my mission well over there is to find some wide fitting boots to wear....  Oh and ordered those bra's from Lane Bryant, so lets hope they fit and hope they arrive before Aussie, would be really nice :)

And on that note, I will go and hit the books, may be back later but more than likely not :)


  1. Well done on 2/3 - that is excellent !!!
    Good luck with the rest of your studies - have the best day !

  2. Those papers are behind you and now - so well done.

    Aussies not far away now. Catch up on Sunday would suit me better. Generally like to take it easy on Saturday, rest up and housework. You decide where this time.