Friday, July 26, 2013

On our way....

We are on our way, first stop Auckland for the night, ready for the flight tomorrow, will get to the airport early and hope like hell we can get a good seat, am really wanting a front seat so it is easy for me to get up and walk around and also it means I can stretch my legs....


We arrived at the hotel in Auckland and was given a swipe card to use to get in, could we get in - no bloody way, 10 minutes later I sent David (yes I am the boss) to the office to double check we had the right card, yip and apparently we were doing it wrong, so we try again still no bloody luck, then someone else arrived in the unit 2 doors down, we asked her how to do it, she did it for us first time round, still have no idea how the silly thing works....

My daughter who works at Hell Pizza bought us some for lunch/dinner, was very nice thank you hunny :)

Anyway now that we are inside the unit is very nice, bed is only a double, hmmmm we are used to a king, but then we do share it with two dogs :).

Not to late a night tonight, heading to the airport about 8am. 

Catch you all soon :)


  1. Have an enjoyable holiday.Rest and relax and enjoy the sun that is the key.

    Southgirl xx

  2. Woohoo! I was thinking about you this afternoon and trying to remember which day you fly. Now I know.

    Hope you get the seat you need on the plane and have a good flight.


  3. Have an awesome holiday. Take time to rest & relax as well as going out & doing stuff.

    I have trouble with those stupid swipe cards too.