Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walking again....

I had lost all interest in walking for a few days there, but today was too nice not to be out in the sun for about 15 minutes, so put my shoes on and off I went. I did 1.18km's and did that in 13.09 minutes, so was pretty pleased with that, and it felt so nice getting outside for a bit. My goal is to be walking at least 1.25km's by the end of this week :). 

Am still waiting on my exam results, waiting is so hard, especially with no patience, but am hoping the old saying 'Good things come to those who wait', will mean I will pass - yeah if it was only that simple. 

Lately at night well about 7pm, I have been falling asleep, I am not sure why, but have an inkling it could be the heater putting me to sleep, so tonight we are trialling it with no heater and see what happens, I don't feel the cold like the others in the house, but it is tough for them if that is what is causing me to sleep so early, they or the dogs wont be impressed if we have to go without the heater lol... Nah I cant be that mean, we might have to come to some compromise :).

Tonights dinner is sorted, homemade hamburgers, in which we more or less do our own, cause we all want different things on them. I try not to use the stove at night, unless someone is home with me as I am pretty lightheaded and out of it, not good :).

Anyway the washing is calling my name, so best get that done, have a lovely day one and all :)


  1. Well done on your walk - that is great. I didn't walk last night as it was bucketing down with rain but I did do my squats so was happy with that.
    Have a great day !

  2. I love homemade burgers. Great family dinner. Even in winter, it's good to get out in the sunshine. I'm about to head out for a walk too. Good on you for persevering - little by little you're going further and further xx

  3. We fall asleep earlier than we should too. We think it's the heater too.

    That was a pretty good walk. I've been lazy today, just knitting.


  4. ohhh homemade burgers..they are on my menu tonight...

    Well done on your walk :-)