Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where has this week gone....

This week in New Zealand they released a new chocolate, it is made by Whittakers and it is white chocolate with L&P, one of NZ's favourite drink. It is quite nice, not as great as what I thought it would be, but then I am not fussed with L&P anyway.....
Yesterday we were busy getting stuff for the trip and getting dog tags made with the correct phone number on, and presents for the dogs so they wont get bored when we are away, the kids can give them a new toy every 3-4 days :)

Today we went out again to find some nail polish remover pads, finally found some hope they work well, have never tried them before. So I can now take a couple of colours of nail polish with me, without having to worry about nail polish remover. Here is an outfit post not the best pics again sorry, I really need to allow my self more time if I am going to do these and use the proper camera on the tripod etc etc..... my hair is getting done next week and also my eyebrows, I will feel like a different person come Wednesday afternoon. 
Earrings are from 'Skingraft'
Nail Polish is 'The Color Club - Halo Hues Holographic Collection - the colour is Eternal Beauty'.
Skirt is from Holy Clothing - 'Isabella Colour - Purple Fushia'
T-Shirt - ASOS - 'New Look Inspire Foil Print Tee'
Cardigan - 'ASOS Waterfall Cardigan' 
Shoes - Number One Shoe - 'Sophie Ballet Flats'
Necklace - Avon
Well this time next week, we will be in Aussie, can't bloody wait, starting to pack and get things already, so actually feel like it is all happening now, wheelchair is all ready to go.

I have been doing heaps of study, really trying to get ahead as much as possible - hence why there have not been any updates, this week, I hope to slow down a bit, as I have not been 100% the last few days, I am also adjusting my med time over this week, so that when we got to Aussie, my meds will fit in with there time. 

Some good news, my uncle from Holland (dad's brother in law) is coming to New Zealand end of October for 3 weeks, will be really good for dad, his wife (dad's sister) passed away just recently. We have not had many visitors from Holland here in the past few years. 

And on that note have things to do so catch you later :)


  1. Hi Jackie. I can imagine how you are trying to stay focussed to get many things done before leaving. Dare I say, take care that you don't make yourself overtired before you leave. That would be disastrous. Better to leave some things not done than spoil your holiday.

    Just to add to your list are a couple of items I thought would interest you. One is here Quite a quick read.

    The other is a podcast and talks about recovery from autoimmune disease. I don't know if this touches on your battle with CRPS... is that an autoimmune disease too? here is the link.

    Lots of food for thought for me so I am now reading her Blog and listening to her podcasts. Knitting and listening to podcasts goes well together.

    Counting down the sleeps until you begin your trip.


  2. Thanks MargieAnne, will read it this week, and listen to the podcast as well. I hear what you are saying this week will be a bit of down time, and spoiling myself, getting hair done etc..... most of the study is pretty much up to date for now :)

  3. Not long to go now Jaxx. Hope you have a fabulous time. Enjoy, relax and shop, and give a big high to Linda for me.

    Will catch up when you get back.

  4. I was going to say the same - don't over tire yourself before you get here !!!!!
    Have the best day !