Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Already saving...

We are already planning our next holiday, hoping it will be this time next year, we have the flights already paid for with our Airpoint $'s, this time we might go for 3 weeks or a month, depending on some factors. We will be going to the Gold Coast again, so am entering every competition to try and win some accommodation, we are also buying an Aussie lotto ticket every week and a NZ one, any winnings will go into our holiday fund :)

Clothes shopping is now on hold, I have enough stuff clothes to get me through summer, may get the odd thing but it will be very limited... I still have heaps of stuff I have not worn yet. Any extra money we get is going in to the holiday/moving fund.

We are now looking at what we need to do, to possibly move to Aussie, we have given ourselves max 5 years to prepare, organise and get our butts over there, I am a big believer of 'if things are meant  to be then everything will fall into place", I have a good feeling about us moving there and do believe it can be done. I have more friends in Queensland that what I do in New Zealand.

Anyway thats it from me, I will be doing my Aussie Curve post in the weekend, this weeks theme is Feminine :)

Oh and the moving to Aussie is not a whim, it is something we have been talking about for a few years now, the difference is, is that now the kids have grown up, and we have nothing really to keep us here in NZ anymore, so now we feel is the right time to plan this move :)


  1. Way to go Jackie.The power of positive thinking, when the time is right you will move.

    Keep up your good work.

    Southgirl x

  2. Like the way you are giving yourselves a 5 year plan which can be brought forward.

    All you have to do is find a way to make the in between period bearable. I'm sure it's not easy picking up the study and etc. again, Good job on the twins looking after themselves.


  3. Hi

    I have enjoyed reading about your holiday over here and the fact that you enjoyed yourselves so much! Also I am impressed that the twins seem to be so independent really did your best for them..when you move over here we will have to catch up! I also have lots of friends up in Queensland...but live way down south!



  4. Your holiday looked so relaxing. Where did you stay? I see it was Broadbeach but what apartment. We are off in October and have booked at The Wave Apartments - we needed a 3 br apartment but I'm always interested to hear where others have stayed.

    I love it over there too. I think cutting back on study is a really good thing because where are you without your health? That should be your priority.