Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aussie Curves "Celebrate"

Aussie Curves (founded by is a place to share outfits worn by everyday Australian and New Zealand women sized 14+. Join in the challenge! 
The facebook page can be found 'here', so come and join in for a bit of fun, it is all private :).

I am hoping it will bring me out of my shell a bit, I will not be entering every week but will do as many as possible.

The first week is celebrate which I was not going to do due to not being prepared and on holiday but have decided to join in anyway though the photo is not the best but hey and I only have 1 photo....

This outfit I wore in Day 1 in Aussie so for me that is a brilliant reason to celebrate. 

 Skirt - 'Holy Clothing' (Purple Fuchsia)
T-Shirt - 'ASOS'
Handbag - Rusty
Cardigan - 'ASOS'
Necklace - 'Trade Me'

Sorry the photos are not that great, hopefully I will improve over the following year lol

Hopefully the link has worked below, so you can check out some other bloggers :)


  1. Welcome aboard to Aussie Curves :)
    Love the pop of bright purple!

  2. Wow that skirt! Welcome to Aussie Curves x

  3. Oooo lovely. Welcome to our fair shores lady! Hope you're having a great time.

  4. Welcome to the challenges - you look great x

  5. Love your cardigan. I have a few that are like that style. I find them so versatile. Loving your hair style too. So awesome to see so many new faces joining Aussie Curves.