Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aussie Curves - Work

I missed last weeks Aussie Curves as with my Aunty passing away and trying to get assignments done, it was a pretty busy week. This weeks theme is "WORK", so seeing as I don't currently work and am on ACC still from my accident on my pushbike 2 1/2 years ago, but I do study full time, so for me my work outfit is very casual, no makeup normally unless I am going out and the clothes have to be comfortable. 

I wear a bracelet like this every day, they are similar types but different colours, to match the clothes :)

I always wear my charm bracelet, used to be my pandora but now it is this one , I love dangly charms:)

I will quite often wear a necklace and earrings, just to make me feel a little dressed up.

If I go out, I wear shoes, either my converse or my crocs, at the moment this is the bag of the month,and I would normally do something with my hair.

Bag - 'The Rainbow Shop' - Byron Bay
Necklace - Not sure, maybe 'Autograph' or 'Virtue' or 'TS14+'
Tunic Top - 'Farmers' (About 2 years old)
Leggings - 'Shop Emerald City' (Closed Down)

So there you go thats my work clothes :)


  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. x

    Loving your charm bracelet and the leggings! Soooo cute.

  2. So sorry for you loss, Love your bracelet and Necklace

  3. You look totally awesome in those leggings :)

  4. sorry to hear about your aunt :(
    love the jewellery!