Sunday, August 4, 2013

Broadbeach Markets and meeting 'Me' !

Today I am feeling a bit blah.... my aunty is now in palliative care and has been for a week, my dad went to see her yesterday, and she basically is asleep a lot of the time now... I am being selfish here and hoping she can hang on till we get back so that we can go to the funeral, but I also don't want her to suffer any longer and if we are not there, then for whatever reason I have to accept I was not suppose to be at the funeral, I believe things in life happen for a reason.

Another reason is that I feel a little hurt by some people, I went out of my way for 2 people and feel like it was a waste of time.....

The CRPS has been doing awesome, but am now noticing the pain is getting worse, so decision made is to use the wheelchair more this week so I can still enjoy it all.

Anyway onto brighter and better things, the photo below is what I wore today to the 'Broadbeach Market', the headband is what I purchased at Byron Bay the other day, so many people love it, and compliment me on it - who says you have to be skinny to get compliments lol I am going back there next week to purchase another one though it is the same, they wont last forever and I really want a spare one for when this when gets tatty because I know I am going to get a lot of wear from it :)

Headband: Byron Bay (Can not remember the name of the shop)
T-Shirt: 'Virtue'
Skirt: 'Holy Clothing' (I got it in the colour majolica blue)
Shoes: 'Converse'

The markets were pretty good, managed to find some goodies, like 3 bracelets for $20 how could I resist that bargain, and some paintings and an awesome wind-chime  I will show you all my purchases on my return as they are all nicely packed so not to get broken :)

After the markets we came back to the apartment for a bit, then went to 'Pacific Fair' to meet 'me' for lunch. She is awesome, it was a shame I started getting unwell and had to finish it up a bit early really really sorry Linda.... this is where CRPS suck, I think it was sitting outside and looking at the sun (to much light), as sun and noise can set of a CRPS attack :(. LeeAnne I also said a special Hello from you to her :). And I was using the wheelchair today, in hope of avoiding a flare.

After that hung out the mall for a bit as housekeeping was doing our room, came home and slept for nearly 2 hours. 

Tomorrow I think we are going to 'Seaworld', so that will be a huge day, and again I will take the wheelchair, sometimes I really hate it, but I also know if I didn't have it, things like Seaworld will never happen. Then we have 'David Fleay' another day this week, another trip to 'Byron Bay' and another place just passed it,  (sorry Linda can't remember the name you said it was called), and we will have done everything we planned, some of the extra things we had planned on if we had time was also 'Infinity'. We are thinking of going to a show at 'Jupiters' and I want to have a coffee at Hard Rock Cafe and then our week will be gone and before we know it, we will be on our way home again :(. 

 Oh and Linda and MargieAnne, I came over with very little in my bag, so have plenty of room and also had a present in their for a friend, which took up a lot of room and that has been posted, so I will squish it all in lol.

Catch you all tomorrow :)


  1. You are a special friend my dear, I know I've been quiet but you of all people know what it's like when your body says enough.

    Thank you again for my parcel yay, love it all especially the bags and the tops, can't wait till summer

    Take it easy and hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday without too much pain

    Wish u were here in Syd though :(

    1. One day Anne, got to start saving again :)

  2. Hope you enjoyed your day in Seaworld....loved all your new clothes, especially the headbands.

  3. I am addicted to not just handbags but headbands as well now :)