Sunday, August 4, 2013

Carrara Markets

Today we went to 'Carrara Markets', we went early to beat the heat, I wore my coolest shirt I had and glad I did as it did get rather warm... They had these ponies there, poor things must be tired by the end of the day carrying little children around. 

Anyway I mainly got presents for the kids here, but did find some cool kombi van stuff, which may have made their way into our bag :).

After that we went to 'Pacific Fair Shopping Centre', we only had a small look there as I had pretty much crashed by this stage.

The top pic is pretty self explanatory, David and I trying not to squint in the sun lol

They have a pretty little area there, which is quite relaxing to look at and seats to sit on. 

Now to what I was wearing... Just Because :)

I think you can just see the turquoise necklace I am wearing, if you look really hard :)

 A shot of my headband below :)
 Below is the clothes I wore, please ignore the way I am standing lol, you can probably see the outfit better in the photo below this one :)
Tunic Top: 'Virtue'
Leggings: 'ASOS Curve'
Shoes: 'Converse'

And one of David and I, we are trying to take some photos of David and I together, this way we can do it on the tripod, oh and that is our apartment we are staying in will take some better photos tomorrow if I remember :)

And it is now nearly 10.30pm here Aus time, so time for me to go nigh nighs because tomorrow we have the 'Broadbeach Market' to go to, and am also meeting 'Me' for lunch :)


  1. This holiday is wonderful for you and I do enjoy your photos and shopping!

    Will you need an extra case to come home. We had to buy one on our last trip.:)


  2. I was just thinking the same as MargieAnne - you may need to get another suitcase to get all your goodies home !!!
    Thank you for a lovely lunch today - it was so great to meet you both !! I am so glad that you are having such a fantastic break over here.
    Have the best day !