Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 6!

Today we went to 'Byron Bay', visited the 'lighthouse', and 'Crystal Castle'. I loved it all, Byron Bay is a hippy town, full of wonderful unique things to buy, all street shopping which is fantastic, though throughout there are a few mainstream shops scattered in there.... a lot of people go around bare feet or jandals, some stoned all unique, I loved it there. I managed to purchase some earrings, a bag, yes I am addicted to handbags, I saw another one and really pissed I didnt buy it in the end lol. I also got this awesome headband :)

We went to Crystal Castle, though there was no castle there... but the stroll around was so relaxing and beautiful being surrounded by hundreds of crystals of all sizes. I purchased the kids something from there, and got myself a little buddha. There were some beautiful amethyst crystals, rose quartz and many more. It is just to much to place in a blog so check out their website 'here'.

Got back about 5pm, so was nice to be able to just relax when we get home, tomorrow is a bit of a free day.

And OMG I wore my converse shoes today and my feet loved every minute of it, am going to get another pair or two....

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