Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 7!

Today involved going to 'Australia Fair', followed by a trip to 'King Tutt Putt Putt', followed by a trip on the tram, then dinner. I purchased some more stuff,  a jacket from Autograph and 3 belts down from $30 to $4.99, and I had a voucher for $5 so only had to pay $10 for the three belts good score :). David got me a turquoise crystal, I also got another pair of converse shoes just plain black :). The boots look a bit like real boots but seeing as I can't wear real boots, these are the next best thing, they have another pair I rather like too, but when is to much to much :).We also found a lovely cardigan that we got for Davids mum. 

Anyway below the top picture is the headband I got yesterday at Byron Bay, so many people complimented me on it today. The middle picture is my converse shoes I got yesterday, and the bottom picture is just of David and I today on the tram.

The following picture is David and I at King Tutt Putt Putt. The top I am wearing I got from Autograph, the boots are Converse Chuck Taylor, the skirt is from Holy Clothing, and the bag is from Tree of Life

I am pretty tired today, it was a long day but a great one, this holiday is the best thing we could have done, not just for my sanity but also our relationship :)

Tomorrow we are off to Carrara Markets :)


  1. Sounds like your having a good time Jaxx that's awesome

  2. Love the headband is really pretty.. And the clothes all sound amazing nice pictures glad you are having a lovely time.