Friday, August 9, 2013

Everything Achieved.....

Today we went to 'David Fleay Wildlife Park' it was brilliant... it is not commercialised which makes it so much more special, we got to see a Koala climbing a tree, and got to see 6 week old dingo puppies which had only arrived in the park last night from Sydney. They are still in quarantine but we just happened to be walking by when they had them out, so we got a really good look. I was going to upload the video of the Koala running around but it is playing up :(. So photos will have to do for now :)

The puppies are brother and sister :)

I highly recommend going to this park, it is fully wheelchair accessible, with wide wooden paths all around the park, no major hills just perfect. The price was about $17 (Aussie), well worth every penny :)

After that, we went to 'Robina Town Centre' to get last minute stuff, and 'Autograph' just happened to have new stuff in their sale, so I got 4 tops for $70 brilliant score, we then went to 'Harbourtown' to check out some converse shoes, where I got a deal for 2 pairs at $50 each, whereas in Robina they were $100 each, I am now the proud owner of 5 pairs of hi top and lo top converse shoes, consisting of many different colours and 1 pair of 'hi top Vans, which I will show you over the next few weeks :).

Today ended everything that was done on our list, tomorrow we will just go to 'Pacific Fair' to send a parcel off, and pack I suppose, hoping everything will fit in our bags lol. 

And on that note will catch you tomorrow if not then then it will be Sunday when we are back in Rotorua, we arrive back in Rotorua about 12.30 - 1am Sunday morning. 


  1. Have a good last day and safe arrival home sounds like you've had a great time away glad the crps hasn't stopped you

  2. My sister lives right next to Robina! I wanted to stay there as well and have been home for just over a week.
    The holiday feeling is something I definitely want to keep with me. I've listed the feelings I want to keep.
    I even opened up my Blogger that I've been avoiding for no reason I can think of :)

  3. We have not been to that wildlife park but think that we will need to put it on a list of places to visit on a weekend when A is home.
    So glad you have had such a great time here - I hope you go home well and truly rested and feeling like you have had a good holiday !
    Thanks again for the catch up - it was great to meet you.
    Take care - travel safely !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !