Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have set up a.....

fashion blog, have decided to keep these two blogs separate, so if you want to check it out click 'here'.

Yesterday ended up being a non study day, needed a complete day away from it . I spent some more time tiding up outside, and was going to enjoy it today, except now it is bloody raining again... rain does not make me a happy girl!

Though the rain did give me time to set up the other blog, but was looking forward to sitting outside today enjoying it. Oh well always another day tomorrow, which I need to spend some time studying, as I have an online test on Monday. 

Chris made some banana bread today, it was really yummy, had never tried it before. 

Anyway thats it from me, just wanted to tell you about my other blog, go check it out and become a follower :)

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