Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am so spoilt....

David is treating me like a queen, he is buying me everything I want. if I can't afford it within reason :). He is going out of his way to work in with me and the CRPS. I really am lucky to have a husband like him :)

Today we went back to 'Byron Bay' because of course I needed to buy the handbag I saw the other day, and I had to get a second headband, for when the first one wears out lol. And while I was there I got another pair of shoes but not converse but "Vans".... also a wallet and another headband may have made itself into my bag :).

After Byron Bay we went to 'Lennox Head', that was also a lovely place,
David was happy cause he got to see an 'Ibis', he loves them :)

Another gorgeous day we had, the weather again was fantastic. Tomorrow we are going to 'LumiAir' at Jupiter's and then we might have a flutter in the casino :), after that we hope to go to 'Infinity' and then to the 'Surfers Paradise Markets' to get some more smaller presents for people. 

One thing I am noticing is that I am getting more and more tired now.... and the pain is increasing daily but I can hang in there for a couple more days :)

Anyway thats it another awesome day over and looking forward to tomorrow :)


  1. fantastic jax. he is a gem. don't over do it tho, you need to enjoy the rest of your well deserved holiday xxxx

    1. Thanks Lee-Anne, tomorrow is an easy day, so lots of rest ready for Thursday :)