Sunday, August 18, 2013

I need a break.....

from my study, so figured I would do a blog entry... I have an assignment which I am 80% through but need to finish it today as tomorrow I have the funeral, I have been given an extra 3 days but don't want to use it because that will put me behind in the next assignment and so on.....

I am no longer going to think of moving to Aussie, it is doing my head in and 2 or 3 years is a bloody long time to think about it, so for a LONG while I will put it out of my mind :). 

I am now getting all my meds on a Rolly, stops me from having to think about what meds I need to be taking at what times, as I have mucked it up a few times in the past, it is so much easier this way :). It is a bit like a blister pack but on a roll, it only costs $5 but can only get 10 days worth at a time due to the methadone. 

I stopped all my vitamins before I went to Aussie, cause I did not want to take extra meds, so far I am still off them as I feel ok at the moment and it means I am taking 10 or so meds less a day, and also I am no longer constipated since I stopped them, go figure :)

Having to no longer do the kids washing and cooking them dinner, has made a huge difference this week. And I think they are enjoying it, well they really have no option lol.

David has only just got up, I seem to have shaken of the cold, well most of it but David has decided he has 'man flu' and we all know what that is like, maybe it is a blessing I am doing the assignment that way he wont bug me to do this or do that....

Anyway thats my break so back into it....

This is a Rolly.... :)


  1. Anyone would get confused with those meds and I know how important it is to take them at the right times.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.


    1. Thanks MargieAnne, and yip total confusion, this makes it so much easier with the rolly's :)