Saturday, August 24, 2013

No more...

I posted this today on my CRPS facebook page: Living in chronic pain can do your head in, but what I do is focus on the things I can do, no matter how small they seem, and work towards the things I struggle with. When in Aussie I pushed myself and found I could do so much more than I thought possible. I no longer dwell on stuff, I no longer feel pity for myself . The more you focus on the things you can do is so much better than getting frustrated on the things you can't do. I get sick of people focusing on their illness all the time, there is always something in a day that you can be proud off.... brag about it, smile and just enjoy the moment you are in. If you have been for a walk, which has caused more pain, don't focus on the pain accept the pain and focus on the fact that you went for a walk . Now I hope all that made sense lol - and have a lovely Sunday all 

Anyway last Thursday I purchased and Aussie lotto ticket and won $27.50 (Aussie $), every time I win, I  put that amount in our holiday account for our next holiday, which I would love next year but may have to be the year after, and am also hoping to go for a month next time, probably wont stay in the same place as it was to expensive.

I got an extension on my assignment, so have till Monday to finish it yay, that takes a lot of pressure off :). We also have a 2 week study break coming up for the next two weeks, I will use the first week catching up and will have the second week off :)

I have also been approved another 4 sessions with my pain psychologist, so am seeing her next week, I only see her every 6 weeks which is perfect, as she puts me back on track when things are going a little hey-wire :)

Anyway thats it for today, tomorrow will be working on the assignment and hopefully will go to the market if it is fine, have not been out the house much since our return, mainly cause the weather is been pretty crappy :)

Have a great Sunday all :)

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  1. You have a fantastic attitude.

    Hope your weekend went well you are satisfied with the finished assignment.