Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thinking, Planning, Future...

David and I have some serious decisions to think about over the next few months.... the trip was a real eye-opener for both of us in many ways.

Now we are back home, I have to make some decisions regarding myself personally. I have to choose whether to cut back on my studies next year and spend more time on my health and getting fitter or carry on with my studies and have no energy left for me to get healthier.... it is a simple decision really, I am going to cut back on my studies and maybe only do 1 paper and have time to work on my health. Also I am hoping to be back in some part time work in the next 12 months. 

I need to be healthier for our future plans.... we have allowed max 5 years to fulfil our goals, ideally if we can do it in 3 years that would be perfect. 

Anyway since we have been back, I feel like I am back in the same old rut already, study, housework and no life ;)

Having said that some changes have been happening in the house, Steph and her boyfriend work night shift hours so not home for dinner etc, so have said they can now cook their own meals (not sure if I have mentioned but her boyfriend has moved in here temporally while they wait for a house, the ex (kids dad) is buying a house in Rotorua for the kids to rent). Chris is also going to make his own meals, so that means I am only cooking for David and I. Also the kids are all doing their own washing now this has also made a huge difference.

So goals for the next 12 months is to:

  • Research how we can achieve our major goal (yet to be revealed but I am sure you can guess, I am not very good at keeping secrets lol).
  • Get myself healthier
  • Review my study and go part time study
  • Look at part-time work
And thats about it for now.....

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