Monday, September 2, 2013

1 online test done...

Well first assignments are all done, have another 4 assignments to go this semester.... I am really struggling with this workload and will not be doing full-time again, I have 1 assignment back and passed, I am losing so many marks on my punctuation and sentence structure though... Had an online test today, think I did ok, it was multi-choice but sometimes they can confuse with the answers.

I applied for the job I was talking about the other day, not holding out any hope but good to update the CV and if I get an interview it will be good practice :)

Another nice day today with the doors open after a nasty frost again this morning. Tomorrow I am meeting another lady with CRPS for morning tea, then I am going to relax and get back into the study on Wednesday, I am going to try and get my assignments done early enough I can send them into Massey to get them proofed.....

The kids went up to Auckland last weekend for fathers day, Chris went diving, Steph went horse riding with her dad, now she is working she hardly gets to see him.

Everyone is doing fine in this household, so not much to report, and a second series of 'Catfish' has started so going to watch some of that now :)

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