Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I wish I could....

say I was feeling better, but I am not, so what does one do when they a food addiction, eat junk food. But not to worry, I feel I can get back on track again soon. The friends issue has not really changed oh well, time to focus on the good friends in my life. Did have a lovely lunch with LeeAnne the other day, which was great :)

Some hours I feel like I am coming out of the hole, other times I just feel like I am sinking. 

So now is one of those times when I will fake it, till I make it.

So today I got my hair cut and bleached again, so I am a blonde babe again with no regrowth, the haircut is not really how I want it, but for the cut I want we have to grow it a little, it still looks good though, and I have to have patience by the time I next get it done we should be just about there :). Eyebrows are done, so on the outside from the neck up I feel pretty good :)

This week is daylight savings, so that means summer is well and truly on the way, and hopefully this weather will turn around for the better, I think this rain has a lot to do with the crap I am feeling right now. I am using the daylight saving as my turn around day, so Sunday I am going for a walk and I am going to reflect on some goals I am going to set myself. 

Daylight saving is for nearly 6 months, so I am going to set myself some goals for those 6 months, so come winter I will be in a better place and wont go through this next year. I will only be studying part time come mid November, my exams will be done by then so will have some more time to focus on me.

I will have my goals set up in the side bar this weekend, there will be about 4 - 6 goals, they will all be achievable, they will all require some discipline, but not to much that I will lose the plot.... the goals will be broken down into small steps. Thats about it for now. 

And we have worked out a budget and we just might be able to go back to the Gold Coast for a holiday next year, rather than two years, that will be something positive to focus on :)

So though I am not there yet, I can see a little light peeping through the darkness :)


  1. :( sorry you're feeling down..


  2. I don't want to tell you what to do because you probably know. Until you give up your problem foods, you'll always be a slave to them. As simple as that. If you could just give up wheat - seriously, the amount of foods that changes in your diet... the new control it would give you is unbelievable. I know you like good whole foods, have more of them and say goodbye to junk food.

    The choice is yours and I don't think you are the kind of person who can eat in moderation - you need real, major changes that you stick to.

    Sorry to preach but I just know how well you'd start to feel. It really is all up to you :) I hate that you are feeling down... cheer up!

  3. I've learnt the minute we give up we start sliding and it can be a long way down. Sometimes the little things in life become a much bigger issue than what they are. Sometimes we let it get that way so we don't have to deal with the now. I know how you feel. I shared a lot of what I was feeling and going through with you. It felt good to share. I felt good after talking to you because finally I was able to get it out. I am here to listen and return the favour. At the end of the day - I'm just here. To listen. Whenever you get p***ted off and just want to unload you can phone or txt me even if I'm at work. It really helps to get things out.

    And you're right daylight savings, longer days, more sunshine is a positive thing and a good time to get things right again. That tiny light will get a lot brighter.

    And lunch again within the next two weeks okay.

    xxx sending big smileys your way.