Saturday, September 7, 2013

Is it really the weekend....

Another weekend is with us, yesterday I moved my study area around, now I can see nice things out the window, like native birds and trees, which will look nicer when the leaves are on them.
And I am in the sun, and if it gets to hot, I can just draw the curtains. I also have my little speakers set up to, so I can listen to my music, without annoying anyone in the lounge :)

Well had a bit of a crappy morning, first I lost about 2 years of photos, have no idea what I had done, but there was no way I could find them.... but Apple being excellent had them all backed up, ok they are not dated etc anymore but at least they are there, so that will be an ongoing job putting them all in date order/folders etc. So all good there now :)

Then I broke my charm bracelet, it jammed in the draw and broke but $13 later that was fixed, so another bad thing sorted.

Then for about 3 weeks I could not find my black t-shirt accusing everyone who lived here of pinching it, not that they could fit it, it would be miles to big but hey... anyway found it folded up against a black fabric chair so you could not see it there. So third good thing happened. 

Anyway below is the photo of the desk in it's new place :)

Here is a video of Chico playing, we got her this pink pig from Aussie, and she hates the toy, it is so funny watching her with it, she normally loves toys with a squeak :)


And because I promised some photos of Chico, here they are :)
Chico going for a ride in Chris's backpack, don't think she really enjoyed it though, but she looked cute. 

Won another $13.60 in Aussie lotto. so still running at about a 50% loss, but hey if you are not in you can't win :).

Oh and one more thing 'Autograph' have there 70 % off sale on some stuff, and then this weekend they have added an extra 20% off, for $80 (Aussie $),  I scored a skirt, a pair of pants, Leggings and two shirts. So got $381 (if I had paid full price for them) for $80. Not a bad score :)

Anyway thats it from me for now, have a lovely weekend all :)


  1. Chico is so cute.

    Three things fixed or found that's a pretty good record for one day.


    1. Thanks MargieAnne, yeah considering one was our honeymoon photos but found those again now. Have a lovely week :)