Monday, September 30, 2013

New month, new beginnings, new person....

Ok I know it is not a new month till tomorrow, and I know the new person isn't going to happen overnight, but the new beginning has begun, over the weekend, I learnt a lot about wheat and what foods have it and don't have it, I defiantly know cutting out wheat first is the way to go, there are still plenty of foods out there that contain no wheat that I wont feel to deprived, and once that is sorted in say a month or so, then the next step maybe sugar but not going to worry to much about that for now, 1 small baby step at a time :). 

We have daylight savings here now, it was so nice seeing it was still reasonably light at 7pm last night, shame the weather is still crap with rain rain and more bloody rain :)

The twins had their 18th birthday weekend just gone, we all went out to brunch on Saturday morning, then we had a BBQ with friends etc, (just a small one) and then the kids went out nightclubbing seeing as they are now legal lol. I think they all had a ball which was nice. It was kinda bitter sweet weekend, catching up with the kids old friends, who I had not seen in years was really nice, it bought back lots of memories in the past about the friends I had and lost touch with over the years and I really need to get back in touch with some of them again. I was proud to see how the kids had done over the years yes we had some difficult years but seeing them at 18 now, I don't think I could have asked for better kids in lots of ways. The ex came down with his girlfriend which was nice, it is really good that we get on well enough to enjoy the milestones together :). 

I am kinda on target with my last 3 assignments, after doing some hours on the weekend, so that is nice, first exam is the end of October. Next semester I am only doing 2 papers, looking forward to that :).

Anyway thats it from me for now, of to listen to some more of Wheat Belly and then relax a bit, all housework is up to date, just a bit of washing to fold and thats it :)

Catch you all soon :)

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  1. So happy that you had a good weekend and birthdays went off well.

    It's really good to see how all your hard work as a mostly single parent has produced these neat young people. They are pretty wonderful especially when you consider some of the difficulties they have overcome.

    A belated Happy Birthday to the twins