Thursday, September 26, 2013

No more negativity.....

I have the choice.... to allow things to get me down, or I can move forward, also I can feel that I can relate to this quote pretty accurately. 

As I said daylight savings begins here in NZ this weekend, time for me to get my shit together and do what I have to do..... Things have fallen apart in some areas of my life, but that now gives me room for new things to happen in my life.

Come daylight saving switchover, the switchover for me will happen.

The twins turn 18 on Saturday, bloody hell that time has gone pretty fast, in another 18 years I don't want to be sitting here saying I wish I could have, or I should have, I am going to be saying I knew I could do it.. and I did it, except it wont be 18 years it will 3 years. I also don't want to be 6 feet under, which is where I am heading if I don't change, ok in my case it would be cremation but hey its all the same to me.

My one long term goal is to move to the Gold Coast, hence why the 2 - 3 years goal :), and basically everything I have to achieve is around that, lose weight to be healthier, so I can work part time, and also my ankle wont have so much weight to carry, and hopefully that will, no that will certainly help the CRPS in my ankle/foot. Get back into the work force here in NZ, even if it is only part-time, am hoping I might be able to go back to my old job just doing short shifts and working up to longer shifts as I get fitter. Also if I do go back into my old job, I can then ask for a transfer to Aussie and maybe just might get one :), and also to get my degree finished and maybe even working in that area, I have my final 4th year to go, but that will take 2 years as I am doing it part time as from next year.

See not many goals just four:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get Fitter
  3. Finish my Social Work degree
  4. Getting back into part-time work
And all very doable, and how am I going to achieve these four goals, well like Lynda said in a comment I can not eat in moderation I have to do a huge change, and that is so true. So I am going to go back to clean eating, as much as I can for now, and I will try and do it Low Carb, not to extreme for now, just start slowly, fruit will continue though, and occasionally potato. The first thing I am going to cut out will be wheat, I know wheat has a huge impact on chronic pain, so that is my first step. Nice and simple for now :)

So here is the plan I have about 100 - 150 weeks till we move to Aussie, I want to do it in two years, but am allowing up to three years. 

So losing on the average 500 grams a week, I can lose about 50 kilos, and when I lose that I am sure I will be happy at that weight and if not then I will carry on but for now it is 50 kilos, over 2 years : ) I am going to use the goal that we will be there in about 2 years. This of course will mean I will get fitter automatically but in the meantime, I am going to walk, walk and walk, the nights are lighter, it is free, I have good shoes and away I will go, for now no plans of distance will just walk on how I feel comfortable. It will be on the sidebar, so it will be in my face.

So plan is:
  1. Cut out wheat
  2. Walk 4 times a week
  3. Go back to part-time study
  4. Get back into part-time work
And for now thats it :)

Oh and of course cutting out on buying so many clothes, don't want to spend much, if it is only going to fit me for a short while. 

So there you have it, if now more than ever I am going to need kicks up the bum etc... so do it, I might get angry for a bit, but then I will be grateful :)

Just an update, I have just downloaded the Audio book Wheat Belly so will be listening to that over the next few days all ready to begin, and thanks Lynda will come to you or MargieAnne for advice :)


  1. Seriously - go and follow Wheat Belly on Facebook, there are amazing stories out there and all people have done is give up wheat. I know it sounds crazy to some but just thing of how many "trigger" foods we eat that contain wheat? Just that one thing - don't worry about anything else for now... don't cheat, or make excuses - just wheat. More vegetables and real food to replace the ones you won't be eating rather than "low carb junk" like desserts etc.

    One day at a time. I've watched you long enough to know that you need to find one thing and stick with it - find a way that works for you and don't stop!! Look at Karen, she has lost 53 kilos with NO EXERCISE at all... it can be done. *hugs* .. cos I know it's not easy to change but it can be done.

  2. I will do Lynda, have given myself the afternoon of to do some light reading on wheat :)

  3. You know I get a lot of flack for my approach to eating - most people say it is bad to cut out an entire food (not a food group, I still eat carbs) but wheat is so inflammatory and probably one of the worst things you could eat given your condition. I'm no doctor but have read a lot so like to think I'm a little more wise.

    Many, many people are now doing this with amazing, long term success. I hate to preach or push and mostly never do but I think you just need a little help.

    1. If you start to annoy me with preaching I will just ignore you lol. I have been doing a lot of reading and inflammatory, so first stop is cut out wheat and go from there, there is a high correlation with wheat and and CRPS not being compatible. :)

  4. Always here with 100% support! I know you can do this


    1. You are right, I can do this and I will :)

    2. Yay!!! I'll be watching and I can help. You can do this Jackie :)

  5. Always good to have goals...go for it, you can do it :-)

    1. Yip and I am a person that needs goals, I am so going to do this ;)

  6. You can and will do this Jackie!

  7. I love your banner image. Congrats on setting such awesome goals. I wish you well with your weight loss program. I cut out wheat a couple of years ago and have felt a lot better for it. It was difficult for me at first (missed bread and pasta) but there are so many alternatives. I lost weight just through cutting out wheat because I automatically replaced it with fruits and vegetables. That's very exciting that you'll be moving to Oz xx

    1. Yeah can't wait for the moving to Aus, I have heard so much about wheat and how it can affect CRPS, I know that cutting it out will make a huge difference to the CRPS :)