Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where oh where did this week go....

I can not believe it is now Thursday night, I have been busy studying and it is really nice not having to rush assignments at the moment, lets hope this lasts. First of if you love 'Natio', there is a post on my other blog, go check it out 'here'.

Weather has been pretty lousy here all week, which makes me very unmotivated, good for the study though, except I have been having a nana nap in the afternoon most days for a long time now. This week the naps are getting longer, not sure why, but it is a bit of a concern, have to see the GP in about 3 weeks so will talk to him then if it is sill happening. 

This weekend not really sure of plans, Chris is going up to Auckland, not sure what Steph and Rob are doing, apart from working. 

Have been doing heaps of researching moving to Aussie, don't think it is going to be as hard as I expect, getting a job will be the hardest thing I think. All going to plan we are hoping that one of us will have at least a part time job, and we will rent for 6 months as we check out areas to live etc. But we don't need to worry about that for now, as it is at least 2 years before we go over, unless our older family members pass away, then it may be sooner :).

CRPS wise, everything is going pretty good, I think I am on a good cocktail of drugs right now which are getting me through, though I did read a sad story today about a woman who had CRPS, I will link it 'here' if you want to read it. Very very sad....

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  1. Sorry to hear that your weather has been awful - I do find that the weather definitely influences how I feel.
    Here's to you sorting out your move and it all going according to plan.
    Have the best day !