Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A new week already...

First of weigh in yesterday, I gained 900 grams but that doesnt surprise me, as last Friday I was up 3 kilos, all the problems I had last week, is slowly resolving itself, so I would hope that maybe next week I will show a loss again. 

Here is my handbag I got over the weekend from "Trade Aid", it is from India, and I love it :)

 Here is Miss Biscuit, looking ever so lovingly at me, I was on the laptop on the little portable computer desk. Poor little puppy is starting to get old, she is getting a little arthritic now as well. 

Here is my little corner, which I have changed already since the photos, I have changed things around and added my "living dead dolls" to the top of the bookshelf as I love them. I have also rearranged the lights a little and moved the lava lamp etc. :)

Today not up to much, just one of those bitzy days, took the puppies to get their yearly check-up's and vaccinations, both are doing well. Chico still has hiccups but they seemed to have gotten less, so not to worried about that anymore which is good :). The bloody neighbours are selling which I have mentioned before and boy what a lot of noise from machinery, hope it finishes sooner rather than later :(

The winds have been really bad again today, I am making sure I am not sitting on the side of the house where the huge tree's are, I can hear them cracking away....

Anyway that's it from me for now, catch you all later :).

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  1. What a lovely bag - hope you get lots of use out of it.
    Have a great day !