Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And again and this could be to much information for some...

Yes we are going to be talking about NO. 2's in the toilet, so if you wish to read no further that is fine, I fully understand :).

1 week into wheat free, and it has happened again, yes constipation, no not your normal constipation but the one that comes from medication. This has happened every time I have tried low carb as well. 

For the last 2 - 3 months, I have been able to keep the constipation at a bearable level, by nowhere normal but bearable. Now that I have removed wheat from my food, which means I am getting less whole grains, the constipation has reared its ugly head again. Though I have increased my vege intake etc, this does not do sweet 'F' all. I don't think I could eat any more fruit if I tried, what I eat is enough to put any normal person constantly on the loo. 

I am and have tried everything out there, natural as well as stuff from the doctor, and everything in-between. I have haemorrhoids and dread going to the toilet, I take in my iPhone and listen to soothing music and can sit there in tears for up to an hour at times and can be many times a day just hoping and praying something will happen. It is so painful, recently I had found a semi happy place when it came to BM's, certainly not regular, but it was ok for me. But since I have started the wheat free, obviously the whole grains etc I was getting in the bread etc I was eating, was enough to ease some of the pain, but now again it has got to the point where it is unbearable. I cannot continue like this, I will end up in hospital to get a clean out, which I certainly do not want. 

So what do I do?. If you have any suggestions please leave a message, and I will come back and answer on the blog :). 

If I don't go within the next 24 hours, I think I might try adding the wheat back in and see what happens, unless somebody can come with something I have not tried. I have tried and walked more as I know this helps, I also had tried drinking heaps of water but that did not help either, I really am at my whits end.......


I have tried or currently on: (will add to it as I remember)

Chia Seeds
Kiwifruit Crush

 Lynda gave me the link to this from wheatbelly's site: Click 'here' for the link :)

1) Add more raw nuts and seeds, more nut meals, including the recipes in the Wheat Belly book and here in this blog. It means that even treats like chocolate almond biscotti are rich in fiber.

Am eating heaps of crushed nuts/seeds, have to crush them because CRPS stuffs up your teeth. 
2) More non-wheat fibers low in carbohydrates, especially flaxseed and chia. These are easy to sprinkle on foods, mix in with your wheat-free baked dishes, mix in with wheat-free granola. They do not have any effect on blood sugar.

Have tried both flaxseed and Chia seeds when I was last on low carb, made no difference, and yes I was eating more than the recommended dose.
3) A magnesium supplement–Magnesium provides an osmotic effect that increases stool moisture content. This is why many laxatives contain magnesium, like Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide). The majority of people are deficient in magnesium anyway, since modern water purification removes virtually all magnesium. The form of magnesium to choose depends on what you are trying to achieve. Strictly for purposes of regularity, magnesium citrate, 400 mg twice per day, will provide a modest boost. Those of you desiring better absorption of magnesium and less bowel softening, look for magnesium malate, 1200 mg twice per day.

Am on magnesium, higher than the recommended dose to see if that would help it, but again made no difference. Doctor does not want me to go any higher.
4) A probiotic to help your poor wheat-damaged intestine to recover. While we need more data on these effects, wheat consumption changes the bacterial composition of your intestinal tract. Taking a probiotic for a few weeks can provide organisms like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium that help regain normal bacterial populations.
5) Hydrate–A helpful habit is to drink two 8 ounce glasses of water immediately upon awakening when you are substantially dehydrated. Do the same several more times per day and be sure that, whenever you urinate, urine is only lightly yellow, almost clear, never dark and concentrated.
Have tried many probiotics over the time, again with not much success. The only thing I have not tried is the two glasses of water on awakening. 
All these things have helped me to get to a reasonable point, certainly not normal, as I still only go maybe once - twice a week, and it hurts like buggery and get bleeding, but that is the best solution I have had over the years. But all the times I have removed wheat and gone low carb, I get the same problem, the doctors and specialist I see are at the point where they no longer know what else to do apart from coming of the meds. But like I say if I can get it back to where I was a couple of weeks ago, I can live with it. It is just now after yesterday and today that things have gone more backwards again than what it was. The only link that keeps coming up is the lack of fibre that I seem to be getting out of bread etc.... 
I will keep persevering  I suppose and will see what happens. But this is why I ask, I seem to have tried or are on every available option, out there, I have goggled, I have asked people and I have tried everything I have read, and also all at once, but this is one thing I can not seem to control and every time I have gone wheat free or low carb the problem is 10 times worse. 


  1. I know that wheat never helped my "motions"... I had irritable bowel badly while on wheat. One thing I do know is that gut flora is incredibly important - having the right balance. Wheat is a major cause of leaky gut which is where toxins get through the gut and into the blood stream - the cause of many of today's illnesses. There are many other sources of fibre that are much better for us and all I can suggest is eating more of those foods. Your call, do what is right for you.

  2. And this?

  3. I'll look around for something as I've seen a few things about constipation but not sure how much help they will be since your suffering is basically caused by pain meds. One thing I am fairly certain is that fibre is not the problem nor is trying to increase it helpful. Fibre is something of a myth in my book since we get it from veggies and fruit. It was not the fibre in wheat that helped it's some other chemical thing .. probably the very thing that makes wheat a poison for some of us. I'm reading this a bit late to be very helpful but I'll still look. One thing I do is increase my oils and I eat a couple of expensive dates as well as drink water. I need to drink at least 1.5 to 2 lt per day but I think you already are doing that.

    I'll come back with some other websites for you shortly.


  4. A common flush out is salt water drinking it I mean IF you can stomach it what about colonic irrigation instead of hospital I think there is a lady in Reperoa who does it and a place in Rotorua ( not sure on Rotorua). and I suppose the more anxious and troubling in your mind it would translate to body and muscles, Are there any oils like in a capsule form you could take? Could you take wheat germ oil capsules? Warm baths do you still got to the baths at is it Queen Mary? What is the liquid they give you before bowel cancer exam ( I forget the term) when they use the probe to look around there is a drink patients have to have before going and it cleans you out so to speak?