Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today I made a decision about my study, I pulled out of the Social Work degree for now, I am still studying but am going to change my degree to a BA majoring in Social Policy and minor in Sociology, which gives me basically nothing lol, but it means I can go onto some sort of postgraduate study, as I only have 4 papers to compete this, which 2 of them I will be doing at summer school and do the final 2 papers next year. I can always pick up the social work degree in a years time, I still have the 4th year to go and 1 placement. Psychologically I am not in a good enough head space now to do the 4th year and a 12 week placement. Though I only had 4 papers to finish the Social Work degree, I have 2 placement's which are 10 and 12 weeks of 40 hours a week, and I would have to get clearance from ACC, and if I do that, it could cause all sorts of issues, as they might wipe me of their books, and to be honest I could not do 40 hours a week at the moment, so that is something I plan to build up to :). I also dropped one paper today, as I was really struggling with it, and it was taking up so much of my time, that if I had kept going I might have failed the other two as well, this now means I can focus more on the other two papers and hopefully be less stressed :)

I need to work on myself right now, things personally in my life are not going well. 

Onto better things, I am still doing wheat free, and still feeling a little better I think, the scales have gone down a little, so thats good, its a good thing I am not really craving food full of wheat, cause after today I would be heading for chips, savouries, cakes etc.... but so far am doing ok. 

Right now, I am in bed on the laptop, listening to music, reading blogs, keeping out of everyones way so I don't lose it again, I lost it with David today, not going to go into it on here, but I really need to make some serious decisions over the next while. 

Anyway a new week begins tomorrow, have 2 assignments to do, then I have exams and then a week or two off and then Summer School, which is only 2 year 1 papers so hopefully wont be to stressful. 

Have a nice night all, catch you in a day or two :).


  1. Hi JacDon't be too upset that you are having problems right now. I think as you continue to be wheat free this will improve. Sometimes it's very difficult to stay on top of things when you change your diet. That is not to say you don't have a problem but that right now it will be harder to deal with than in another week or two.

    Sorry you have had to change your studies but it sounds as though you have done the best thing for now.

    Hope tomorrow turns into a better day.


    1. I wish it was just the change in foods, but things have not been well for a few months now on the personal side :(. Hope you are enjoying your time away :)

  2. Thinking of you Jaxx you know what is best for yourself.... Go for it !!!

    1. Thanks Donna, and though a part of me feels like I failed dropping the paper etc, I know for my own mental health that things had to change in more than just the study :)