Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yesterday after I did my post, things went downhill, have no idea why.... I got very nauseous (Have not had felt like this for a couple of weeks). I had a bit of a sleep cause I was shaking, dizzy and lightheaded, I had, had my sleep in the afternoon as well. Got up for a bit after the sleep but still felt really bad. Woke up this morning still very nauseous, dizzy etc.... and have not been well all day. The pain has also increased dramatically, now it could be the weather causing it, as we have rain now, but doubt that somehow. Hopefully it will disappear as fast as it came on. I am tempted to have some toast, cause I am sort of craving it, but will hold off, I will have a soup later and see how I feel. I  hate it when I get like this, cause I have to be so careful and I don't drive when I am so out of it. I slept this afternoon for 4 hours, another thing could be that I am coming down with something. Just thinking it might even have been a reaction to the noise next door. 

I am relieved I have dropped a paper, it has taken so much stress off me, especially when I have had 24 hours like I have just had,

Anyway tomorrow I hope to wake up better, time will tell I suppose.

Yip the head cold has hit now, well at least I now know why I was feeling crappy, David and I were suppose to be going away this weekend but not sure if we will now, as A: I am not feeling well (but should be better by the weekend I am sure) and B: we are not actually talking to each other and have not been since Sunday night. 


  1. There are a lot of viruses and bugs going around down our way at the moment... I didn't work yesterday was quite off colour.

    1. Yip think you are right, my head cold has just appeared out of nowhere :)

  2. Bugger about the cold. I hope it passes soon just take it easy. Shame it might stuff up the weekend plans. I am sure you & David will be fine, I am barely speaking to my idiot husband at the moment too.