Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween tonight...

We have had a few trick or treaters.... but most are to scared of the dogs, though they are inside, (the dogs that is, not the kids), and our gates are quite hard to open I think that we might have done our dash for the night. 

Yesterday I got my nails done, and I love them, I got gel polish on them to see if I like it, (I love to change my colours regularly) - hence why I was wary about gel polish. But I think I might like, not having to do my nails a couple of times a week. Next time I am going to get a feature nail done as well. Anyway here is a video of my nails and nose stud :)


My goodie box arrived today, I have cancelled "Sample Bar" which is another makeup monthly box in opposition to this one. "Goodiebox" is so much better, anyway will let the photo's tell the story :)

 Goodiebox is $29.95 a month and I feel most months it is worth it :)

Every month it has a theme, and this card tells you what everything is, this months theme was 
"Sweet Rejuvenation"

It comes in pretty pink paper :)

This is how it looks when you open it :)

First up was some Luxury hot chocolate - which can be used as a hot or cold drink

Next up is the Le Tan - Fast tan spray bottle, which is a bit of a disappointment, as I don't use this brand, it has not had good reviews and this is the third one I have received between Goodiebox and Samplebar.
Retails for $18.99 Full Size (150G)

Saviq Bee Venom Mist Toner - this smells devine and I love it :)
Retails for: $26.95 (Full Size)

Next up we have NYC Smooth Proof Lipstain - yet to try it
Retails for $15.00 Full Size (150ml)

Next up is Australis Blackest Black Eye Pencil - I probably won't use this, as I am now into liquid eyeliners.
Retails for $14.00

Next up 2 small samples of Kiri UMF 16+ Manuka Honey Body Lotion
Retails for $7.90 for Full Size (125G)

Kiri UMF 16+ Manuka Honey Cleansing Soap
Retails for $7.90 Full Size (125g).

This months box is so so for me, though I do love the Saviq Bee Venom Misting Toner. I am getting quite a collection of stuff, that I won't use, think I may have a competition for Christmas, and make up a nice gift pack :)

Below we have a video of Chico - just because she is so cute :)


I was going to take photos of how I had set up my little corner, but decided to do a short video, so here it is :) - Well after trying and trying to get the video to work, no such luck so you will have to wait for it for another day :)

Well fireworks will be with us on Saturday for I don't know how many weeks, but it plays havoc with Chico especially, Biscuit is deaf so does not really hear them, but Chico is so scared, so we have some natural calming pills to give her. In New Zealand we are only allowed to sell fireworks 4 days before Guy Fawkes day, but they go on for weeks and weeks. 

Another weekend is nearly with us, not sure what we are doing, I suppose study should be on the cards, seeing as I have exams next week.Thats it from me tonight, have a great weekend 
all, and catch you soon

Stay safe all :)

Well apparently some of you can not see the videos ggggrrrrr, last time I do them like that, will go back to the old way :(


  1. Couldn't see any videos maybe next time.... I hate guyfawkes and yes it goes for weeks and weeks my dog hates it poor thing. Have a good day

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Guy Fawkes - I had forgotten all about it. At least we will be home if any are lit although they don't normally worry our two dogs.
    Have the best weekend !