Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Have been thinking...,

about this blog and life in general.....I have been feeling a little down, ok slightly more than a little. I have ignored my body both inside and outside. 

I have not been making an effort with my looks, hell going to the supermarket with hair not brushed, clothes that are scruffy and so on. This got me thinking that this is part of the reason I am feeling a little down. So first step was to get my nose pierced again which I did, 2nd is getting my nails done which is happening next Wednesday and I can't wait :). Hell I had not even worn any nail polish for a couple of weeks so unlike me :(.

So I am thinking I may vlog some of my posts, or vlog throughout the day and then post it at night... am still in the thinking stage on this one. This will mean I will make more of an effort as I am not going to be scruffy on every vlog. I so loved doing my make-up most days and feeling good about myself. This would also help with the inside, because when I take pride in myself I tend to put less junk food in my mouth :). I need to work out how to edit the vlog so that I can make one big one, have a couple of programs on my iMac and my Macbook Air, so one of those I am sure will work

I am also going to make sure I cleanse my face again every night and morning, all those little things to make me happy again. I have been getting in my PJ's early most nights afternoons, I am embarrassed to tell you how early lol. But I am going to stop that and stay in clothes for a few more hours... so David might actually see me in clothes when he comes home from work lol.

So hopefully all these little things will help make me feel good about myself again.

Oh and the back spasms I think are coming to an end, only have odd ones now throughout the day yay :)

And on that note, I am heading to bed soon, up a little later than normal as I have slept a few hours today.

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