Friday, October 11, 2013

I am so angry at myself.....

I am sorry if I am going to offend people here, but this is my opinion.... I am so angry at myself for going wheat free again, I don't care what anyone says from now on, I have checked back over the times I have gone wheat free/low carb and everytime it has mucked my BM's. We are going away tonight for the weekend, and I am in so much pain from constipation, it is not funny, am thinking I might go to doc today. Low carb works for some people and congrats on those who it does work too, bit for me with my meds it screws my whole system up even more. 2 weeks ago, I was at a level where BM's were ok, not good but ok, enough for me to live with. This last few days it has screwed me up no end, after 12 kiwifruit, grapes, prunes everything still not much is happening. I am never ever going to try this again, and no I can not persevere any longer with wheat free, if this is what happens after 10 days what the hell is 14 days or 21 days going to be like. So thats is Wheat free/low carb is never happening with me again. I don't care what all the internet sites say, it does not work for me, and thats it. OK rant over and out on this one!

So on that note, this is where my last post comes into effect, I am going to exercise my weight off, at the pool, on the Exercycle  walking whatever it takes, yes I may be in pain, but hell I am in pain now and a hell of a lot more than what I would be if I have worked my body to much. And exercise is also good for the other problem as well. I am going to buy a noodle, a flutter board, I have flippers somewhere so that is it. 

Right I need to finish my assignment before we go away but after spending 4 hours on the toilet yesterday I am so far behind, yes you read right 4 hours that is how much this wheat free has screwed my system up this time round. 

I am about to eat another 6 kiwifruit, 18 kiwiwfruit in 3 days something has to give.... well I bloody hope so. I am so f**kin over this. And yes I am going to start eating wheat again. 

And on that note have a good weekend all, I really hope I can but not so bloody sure, I am constipated, it is pissing down with rain, David and I are barely talking - yip a fun weekend happening NOT! STUPID BLOODY WHEAT FREE DIET I WAS ON!!!!!!!!! Yes I am still angry. 


  1. For God's sake Jackie... do what you want!! If you've tried something and it is not for you then forget it. No one is trying to make you do anything. Everyone has to search for their own answer. Wheat free is just a vehicle to eat less food - try something else. End of story. Just eat less food - that can include wheat if it's not causing you problems.

    1. "Just eat less food" - yep, that's helpful advice that Jackie hadn't thought of before.

    2. I'm sure she has thought of it... that's why I've been trying to help her find foods that will ease cravings and hunger. Clearly no wheat is not working for her. I'm just trying to support Jackie in her aim to get healthier.

  2. I don't think you should worry about what anyone else is doing or not doing - you need to find what works for you.
    Weight loss is about calories in vs calories out - get that equation right and you are on the right track to losing weight. What you need to remember is to make sure to get enough protein and nutrients via less food.
    I know you guys don't go away too often - and it's easy for me to sit here across the ditch and say - do this or that, but sometimes I know I need to just take a few deep breaths and start the conversation with A that will clear the air and let us have a good time. I try not to look at it from the point of who is right or wrong but in the future, who do I want to be with, to have by my side, and is the issue I am fed up about now enough to put that in jeopardy.
    I truly hope that you do have a great weekend away - take care and look after yourself !!
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

    1. Hi Jackie... what she said :) Great comment "Me"... all of it!!

      Try and have a lovely weekend away Jackie and perhaps get to the doctor for your other issue that's causing you pain. One question.. what is BMs? I see you mention it but don't know what it is.

  3. Hi

    Maybe start cutting our sugar instead, I did that and lost weight without even trying for the first time in years. I didn't cut out all sugar at first, just no orange juice, only diet drinks if I wanted that, no lollies, biscuits, cakes, jams etc or sugary cereals, my weight dropped as did my blood glucose levels and cholesterol! I still shared a bit of cake on outings etc. I ate some cheese, peanuts or other nuts, olives etc for snacks. I cut out jatz biscuits and had ryvita instead. I still ate some bread etc. Easy and it works!



  4. You need to find what works for you, unfortunately that also means finding that some things don't work for you - this is one of them.

    I hope you & David have a good weekend. I am sure a change of scenery will do the two of you the world of good.

  5. Oh dear god I hope this doesn't mean when things do start moving you won't be 4 hours on the TOILET!!!! because you have to, I hope you went to the doctor there is rain everywhere this weekend hope it improves for you.

  6. I understand Jackie.

    Hope your weekend goes well.


  7. That does not sound good. I have never heard of a gluten-free diet giving anyone so many issues. It's supposed to be good for you! I think the exercise route to weight-loss is definitely the go. As long as you exercise you don't have to worry about weighing out portions, denying yourself the odd treat and calorie counting. I hope you enjoy your swimming xx

  8. Hope you guys had a good weekend away and able to clear the air. xxx