Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is it really the weekend already....

Today Miss Chico got her summer haircut, she looks so beautiful, she really is a little treasure, and has brought many smiles to our household :)

I have quit "Samplebar" the monthly makeup box, it is a waste of money as far as I am concerned, I am still getting the "Goodiebox", which is so much better, so if you are planning one I recommend the Goodiebox.

David is of to Wellington tomorrow for a week, well until Friday anyway, wonder if I will miss him ;). We were talking about David getting a transfer at work to maybe Napier or Palmerston North, if we do, we have decided we will rent rather than buy, so that when we go to Aussie to live, we wont need to worry about selling a house, and we wont lose $20,000 in real-estate fees selling another house again. But this wont be happening till next year :). 

David's mum is in hospital at the moment, she is getting better and will be home on Monday, well she will go to the hospital part of the retirement home for a few days, which is good as David will be in Wellington.

Next week I am going to spoil myself a bit, I am going to get my nose repierced, the last two times I had it done I got a keyloid lump, so this time I am going to use peroxide 6, apparently that helps to get rid of it. I hope so cause I love my piercing. I am also hoping to get my nails done, acrylics and a nice color, wont do gel polish, cause I like to change the colours regularly. I want to look pretty again and feel pretty again.

Steph and her boyfriend Rob, have been buying stuff for their flat, they are hoping to move into a place in the next 2-3 weeks, they will still be in Rotorua so that will be nice :). I will miss them they are both living here at the moment so lucky the house is big enough, he is a really nice guy. Chris has a girlfriend to and she is really nice as well. So all happy there :).

Had lunch with LeeAnne yesterday, was really nice to catch up and so much nicer without the men :). Thanks LeeAnne will have to do it again soon, anyway while we were there she spotted this for me, OMG I loved it, a little out of price range but I loved it, maybe a Christmas present from David, it is at Mitre 10 :)


  1. Glad you had a good time with Lee-Anne - sometimes it is good to have a girlie catch-up isn't it ?
    Have a great week !

  2. It is, and great we live so close :)