Friday, October 4, 2013


In NZ if you are over 45, you get mammograms for free every 2 years, I hope everybody does this. I went for my 2 yearly mammogram last week, yesterday I got the letter I got the all clear.... I know that it still means I have to do self checks etc, but it is always a nice reassurance :).

Today I have been studying then at 12.30pm I have my lunch break and watch Emmerdale, got all excited for it today and what happens, I turn on the TV and TV1 are doing some stupid thing on the America's Cup, hello they lost, why should they be treated like heroes.... I have not hidden the fact that I personally don't think much of the America's Cup, I did not watch one race and if it was not for Facebook I probably wouldn't even have known when they were racing and if they won or not. I watched it for about 2 minutes today then got annoyed as they were talking about all NZder's were behind them. hello I am not one of those people so they should not assume the whole of NZ was behind them, in fact I know a few people who couldn't have cared less about it, ok rant over :).

I am loving my desk where I moved it, I just need to get my flower lights hooked up there and it will be nearly complete apart from a few personal things on the wall :). The photos are a bit crappy sorry :)

I would like to put some shelves up, but I keep changing the desk around and in the winter the curtains need to be closed to keep warm.... so shelves would prob not fit there, will think about it :). It is quite cool in that corner with no sun there and the doors open letting in a nice breeze, and I can still see and hear all the birds outside :)

Anyway again today I am feeling a fraction better, I do really believe it could be the wheat as nothing else has really changed, and I am certainly not feeling deprived, it is just a matter of changing what I put in my mouth when I get bored and the munchies happen, now I might eat some cooked chicken or some cheese and pineapple or fruit..... rather than biscuits and lollies :).

Anyway time to hit the books a bit for a while, am going to try and not have my sleep this afternoon :). 

Just got a lovely card in the mail (it is so nice to receive snail mail still), from another blogger and friend I met when we went to Aussie a couple of months ago, it couldn't have come at a better time, thanks you so much Linda :)


  1. Well you seem to forget that with the Americas Cup comes TV Coverage, that money can't buy, designers ( being sought from AKLD, AUT and afar), and graphic designers, sail makers, boat builders, crew, shore crew physio, medics, cooks nutritionists, reporters commentators, the team uniform makers.THE WAKA at San Franciso was lined with pine material all the way from TAUPO, (Tenon) and the guys there worked on that for 2 months, our culture food and country are on show and judging by the corporates that went to the NZ Waka they enjoyed so all I see is kaching for our country and we need it in the struggling environment. $680 million is what it is worth to the holders $450 million plus to AKLD alone had we won so the filter down effect is huge, that would have been massive to us our little country, to USA just a drop in the Ocean. I think too last time when the syndicates were here there families came too their kids went to our schools and they spent obscene amounts of money WONDER if they could race on Lake Taupo imagine that.... lol

    1. True, about the money, but it still doesn't mean I have to like it lol... I find it boring to watch and personally see it as a waste of money, but thats just me :)

  2. I loved the racing and am so glad they recognised their wonderful effort. I do understand not liking a sport though - trust me... there are some that leave me cold too :)

  3. Your work area looks very well organised. Great to hear going wheat free seems to be working for you. It still seems strange to me that wheat can make so much difference. I probably eat too much cheese. Having cold meat in the fridge is good. I like eggs so usually boil up twice as many as I need for lunch every few days and I love creamy cheese, especially blue vein, in juicy celery.

    I walked too far today. Must try and map it. Tonight my feet are sore and I'm so stiff. Hope it wears off while I sleep.And that will be very soon now that i've finally caught up with my blog reading . Just a stack of podcasts left to enjoy.


  4. A lot of people feel a lot better when they cut wheat out of their diet. My naturopath tells me wheat is inflammatory so if you get inflammation anywhere you should cut wheat out altogether. And it's really not a great hardship as there are so many GF products on the market these days. It's so important to have your own workspace. I'm sure you'll love your new office xx