Sunday, October 13, 2013


Lynda BM = Bowel Motion, which I am happy to say is back to what it was pre-wheat, I am stoked, cause I was not a happy person the last few days, and was so close to not going away.

Anyway onto the weekend, got to "Napier" about 6pm on Friday night, weather was a hell of a lot better there than what it was here when we left, which was good. We were staying at "Viceroy Hotel", right in town so handy to everything and about a 5 min walk to the beach. It was recently renovated or new not quite sure, but it was clean, small and nice and central. There was "Breakers" across the road, so we went there for dinner.

Saturday morning we went to the "Farmers Market" in the square, about 200m from the hotel, there we tried a "cronut", I had heard heaps about them so finally got to see what the rest of the world is talking about, it was ok, probably wont try it again though. We then went to breakfast and carried on walking down Marine Parade. Napier is very art deco and I loved it, how there were nice gardens to walk in, and the streets were nice and even, which is important when you have CRPS in the foot/leg. We also had a wonder around the streets, it was relaxing and lovely. 

After that we drove to "Hastings" and went to "The Original Gypsy Fair", it was pretty good, and though a dark rain cloud hung over us, we got through it all before it decided to open up :). I bought some Vanilla Shampoo and some Vanilla perfume, I love the smell of Vanilla. Then we went back for a sleep, well me a sleep, David went for a walk :).

Saturday night we went to "Dawili Festival of Light", but only stayed a little bit, I really love the Indian culture, and the costumes. Sunday morning was relaxing as we packed, after that we went to breakfast. Then we went to another "market" after breakfast, and did some more shopping, I got this cool handbag from "Trade Aid", will put up a photo tomorrow, plus some other little bits :). I also got some "Vanilla Shower Gel" from "The Body Shop", as I had a voucher. Yesterday we had gone into this Japanese shop, and I fell in love with this dolphin paper weight, well when David went for his walk, he bought it for me :). They had some really cute ethnic type shops in Napier which I fell in love with. After shopping we went to the "National Aquarium of New Zealand", it was ok, just a standard aquarium, still nice though, and then came home:)

And we came home to this, there must have been some heavy wind cause the tree had blown over, onto ours and the neighbours fence, whoops. Lucky the fence is old and needed redoing, just might be sooner than later now. 

I am glad we got away, it did David and I the world of good, it was nice and relaxing, I used the shampoo in my hair tonight, smells nice and feels soft, it is a powdered shampoo :). Tomorrow morning I have a doctors appointment and the rest of the day will be housework and moving the bookshelf and then relaxing :). Tuesday and Wednesday will be finishing my last assignment and then study begins for the exams early November. David is away next week, down in Wellington for work. 

And that my friends is my weekend, I did the photos in a collage as there were to many, the only thing is that you can't really see them properly. 

I am glad I went now :)


  1. I love Napier too... and vanilla scented anything! Thanks for the explanation.
    It sounds like you had a lovely time :)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely weekend away! Glad you're feeling better BM wise. There is nothing worse ah, I know you've tried pretty much everything but what helps me is Phloe, kiwifruit juice (just from the supermarket) and Metamucil :-)

  3. Oh wow! That tree! You must have had some stormy weather in Rotorua. I need to call Greg and see how things are.

    What a lovely weekend. Napier is a great town to visit. Last time we were there, years ago, we drove the old purple bus through one of the narrow streets ... I don't think we were meant to go that way. :)

    Glad you are better but you might want to think about something. If wheat works it is probably because it irritates your gut. In other words long term it is bad for you. I'm not suggesting you stop eating it but try a different approach. Study all you can find on bowel and gut health and gradually put in place all the things that improve health. One thing comes to mind immediately and that is yoghurt and possibly other 'fermented' foods. I haven't done a study in that direction but starting with the Gaps diet or Paleo Mom and autoimmune protocol you could find some helpful info. Meantime stay as well as you can.