Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not how I planned...

Today did not go how I planned, was suppose to study all morning, but the weather was so nice outside I wanted to spend a few hours out there, ok not a few hours just a little time, anyway Chris and I moved the BBQ, tidied up the deck a bit more, then I did some study. 

I did take Chris for a driving lesson, and he is doing really well.

Food wise, being wheat free was fine, till i had a crumbed chicken thing which had a bit of wheat in but am not going to stress, it is all a learning curve and I am sure it was not much, anyway lesson learnt  and from now on I will make my own stuffed chicken breasts like I used to.

Today still a grumpy mum, poor kids and dogs.... still had my afternoon sleep, still feeling lethargic.... I am sure that cutting out wheat will certainly help, hope it is sooner rather than later :)

Anyway another pretty good day food wise, so catch you all tomorrow :)

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