Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On to much happier things....

Once I get through this week, my study workload will decrease by heaps, all assignments but one will be done, and that is already 75% done now, though I have exams the workload is decreased somewhat. 

So what does that mean, it means I will have more stuff for me time, so that will include exercise, next week I am starting back at the pool, will be going 2 times a week to begin with, am really hoping that I can swim again, as last time I was in the pool, I could not do freestyle, as the CRPS in my arms could not do the rotation, if that is not possible I will do aqau-jogging, or look at a different stroke like maybe breaststroke. And also I have found out where I can learn belly dancing, something I have always wanted to do, so next week am going to check it out, it is low impact so should work for me and it will be a good way to meet other people and also will be good for me to get out :)

Am still not feeling the best, last night I thought it was head cold, but today again not so sure.....

Am really looking forward to next week now :).


  1. You could be experiencing something I've seen called Atkins Flu. It's part of the wheat or carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms and can last up to 5 or so days I think.

    Now off to some search out those websites for you.


  2. Right. Here is one link

    This looks good and is from the guys in the podcast.

    I really like this woman and there is a wealth of stuff on her website. It just takes a bit to find what you really want. and here

    That's plenty to begin with and I hope it helps somewhat The truth is there may not be a natural solution.


  3. I did belly dancing at the local college night classes a few years ago, it was heaps of fun. With the swimming, don't worry too much about swimming lengths per se, just get in the water & move about, just what feels comfortable.

  4. Holy crap Jackman!!! Hope you get that sorted.

    Funny, I'm the opposite. Everytime now I eat any wheat I end up either getting constipated or diarrhea. Whatever it isn't nice so I hope you can find a way to work through it.

    I was going txt last week to meet for lunch, but then I thought buggar school hols, so maybe next week???

  5. I hope you're able to swim, Jacki. I do swim squads twice a week and find them very good. If you're arms can't do the rotation at the moment perhaps you could make a start by doing some laps of kicking resting your arms on a kick board. The good thing about being in the water is that it is hard to injure yourself. Good luck xx