Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday a new day....

First off, my heart goes out to everyone in the Blue Mountains, seeing the fires here on our news daily is so hard to fathom. Having been to the Blue Mountains, it is a tragic sight to see. And it does not look like it is going to get any better over the next few days - just heartbreaking and those fireman are just so awesome. 

I have picked up slightly, I got my nose pierced again today, hope the CRPS does not spread there, there is always the chance it might, but I can not let CRPS control my life 100%. It hurt today, and am sure it hurt more this time lol.

We went to visit David's mum today, the kids came which was nice, she is out of hospital but in the hospital part of the retirement village. 

Didn't get much study done today, every-time I sat in the computer chair my back started spasming again gggrrrr. Oh and the scaffolding they did the other day, has now continued around the rest of the house, now they can see all in our house, hate it, normally the trees block us, and there are not many windows so we don't see anyone, can't wait till they are gone, they are loud as well.

Oh onto some good news, this morning, I did some exercise on the exercycle, and then did some ab work on the ab machine, was hoping it would help with the spasms' am going to try and do a little everyday.

Took Chris for quite a long driving lesson in town today, so he could get used to roundabouts and traffic lights, did not do to bad, but really didn't help my back, was probably a stupid thing to do oh well :(. 

Anyway thats it from me today :)

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