Monday, November 11, 2013

Another week or so is over....

The stress is going, had my final exam today, will know in about 3 weeks how I got on. This week is catching up on other stuff and relaxing...... tomorrow is housework, catching up on phone calls etc.... and then Wednesday and Thursday is a couple of days of doing nothing. I need it :)

Tonight I downloaded the app "Flightrider 24" - that Lynda found, so will have a play with that. I love apps like that :)

Tonight I nearly killed myself - the kids got a small pool for outside and they wanted an extension cord for the filter, I found an old looking one, but thought it would do, anyway they ended up not using it thank goodness cause as I was winding it back in, (it was still plugged in), I touched the loose wire and it shocked me, I have never dropped anything so fast in all my life. It happened on my right hand, the better of the CRPS arms, so hope it won't make it any worse. It is still pretty sore, feels like it is burning underneath the skin in my hand. Needless to say that extension cord is now in the rubbish bin. 

Anyway will be back later in the week with a proper update, and now the exams are over for another 4 months I can relax a little till the next semester starts on Monday - but am only doing 2 papers so that will be a little easier, having said that are science papers so all new to me. I am doing "Human Bioscience - Normal Body Function" and "Applied Science for Health Professionals".

Hope all is well with everyone out there is doing fine :)


  1. Oh my goodness, that could have been bad! Was it plugged into an RCD plug? You should always have one of those for outside extensions.

    I hope you have fun with the flightradar - probably not so many big planes your way but I quite enjoy just seeing all the comings and goings!

  2. Wow! Lucky it wasn't more serious. I am so nervous around electric stuff and yet I do do some dumb things like not turning the kettle off while I fill it and having wet hands when unplugging things in the kitchen.

    So happy to hear you say you have competed the last exam for the year. Well I hope you meant for the year. We'll be using one of the restaurant vouchers you sent for breakfast in Hamilton tomorrow. I'll catch up properly on my blog later in the week. John is to have an angioplasty tomorrow. I feel nervous.