Thursday, November 21, 2013

Man oh Man....

Where oh where is this time going, another week has just passed me by :)

Well an update on my gel nails, I am impressed with how well they have lasted, it is just over 3 weeks and they still look great - having said that I have broken 2 nails but that was when I was shifting furniture around tiding up Steph's room after she moved out. We are now back down to 3 people living in the house, well 4 most of the time, now it is holidays as Chris's girlfriend seems to have moved in lol - she is a lovely girl :). Anyway back to the nails, though I love the gel nails, I miss  not being able to change the colours, so next week when I get the backfill, I am going to not let them put polish on as I always wreck them before I even get home, so will do it myself at home that afternoon. I have so many wonderful colours, it seems a shame just to have them sit in the draws, and also it will be cheaper as well :)

Then in a couple of weeks time, it will be time to do my hair again, am putting it off as long as I can so that it will look good over Christmas, and my eyebrows will need doing as well :). So come Christmas Day I will look and feel fantastic :)

Speaking of Christmas, think we are having it at our place, David's mum will be going to Hamilton, so it will just be the kids and David and Steph's boyfriend and possibly Chris's girlfriend but think she will be doing her own family thing. I will invite my dad as well. 

Well what have I been up to, first of last Saturday I decided I felt I could drive to Hamitlon for the day, well got there fine, did a little shopping then came home, as I usually crash at about 3 pm for my nap, I timed it so that I would be back by 3pm. Anyway was 3/4 of the way home and I heard this car beeping it's horn, I must have fallen asleep as I was on the grass verge with all 4 wheels, lucky it was a huge verge, and the car horn behind me helped me to wake up. I managed to get the car back on the road, but it scared me so much, I cried and cried cause I got such a fright. So huge lesson learnt, don't drive after lunch no matter how well I think I am. 

Our house is currently kid free, Steph moved out last weekend with her boyfriend and Chris has gone to Auckland to spend a few days with his dad. It is really nice just being David and I, and oh the puppies of course and the goldfish we have adopted from Steph. 

Weight wise, I am staying the same, exercise not doing as well as I should but that is my next goal, to get back into it regularly. 

This weekend not much is happening, well will depend on David, as he is getting his wisdom tooth out tomorrow, hoping if he is up to it, we might head to Tauranga on the weekend. 

Study is going good, am actually enjoying doing the science papers and learning all about viruses and fungi and microorganisms etc...... Just wish I could pronounce more of the names lol

Anyway have a great weekend all, and will catch you all early next week. 

Oh and 1 more thing, in the sidebar I have added a box saying 'Give a little', the mum has CRPS and her daughter is at a top school in Aussie for her dancing, anyway they are fundraising to keep her their for her second year,  check out the box and if you would like to give a dollar or two, it would be much appreciated. 


  1. Now that was a scare alright, but luckily you were able to recover...

  2. I'm not much good driving after lunch either. Quite a few years ago I came to in time to pull hard to the left while the oncoming car pulled off the road to their left. Fortunately it was a 4WD and there was plenty of room off road although it was uneven. How close did I come to a head on.... less than a second . I cannot remember how far I'd driven to that point, whether it was barely an hour or longer. But I will never forget it. It took me several years to own up to family too.

    Sun and afternoon driving are not a good combination for some of us.