Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moving on....

This weekend has a turned out to be a good one after all, yesterday we went to "Globalfest" here in Rotorua, and we happened to bump into LeeAnne and Mr T and junior Mr T, was nice speaking of LeeAnne  we are meeting for lunch on Tuesday will be good to catch up :). We didn't stay to long as it was mighty hot out there. here are some photo's, they are pretty crap and I cannot be bothered editing them (yip lazy I am today), but do have a good excuse - all my spare time has been studying and I am well ahead, what a nice feeling :) - anyway back to the Globalfest it was $5 to get in & $2 for children with under 5 free.

There were about 20 different countries there promoting their food and culture :)

First up we have of course the Netherlands (my parents are from Holland)

Next up we have what I think was Islam offering free books, we took one home which looks an interesting read. They also had a petting pen, where for a gold coin donation the kids could pet a lamb or a goat. On the bottom left photo you will see a fan, which I purchased cause it was so hot, next to that photo there is a stand set up from the "Trade Aid" shop.

Next up we have tents from Cook Islands, Samoa and one from Multicultural Rotorua, which is basically the information desk and lost and found. We purchased a pineapple cake and coconut roll from the Cook Island tent, the pineapple pie was lovely, the coconut roll I think I will give a miss next time :)

Next up we have tents from Japan, Philippines, China and India. I must admit, I really do love the Indian costume.

Next up we have Korea, Islam, Thailand and Guyana - so there was a fair selection of countries and different foods for everyone to try which was nice :)

And last but not least we can not forget the good old kiwi tent, which was selling Pavlova and fruju's and a few other things which I have forgotten :)

We were only their just over an hour as it was just to hot for me and my CRPS body, though it was nice to get out and do something a little different for a change :). 

Sunday has just involved study and not much else, except my nana nap which is due to happen soon :)


  1. Lovely to catch up with you too mate. you got some good photos too. cya tues

  2. Your pics are not too bad, they good.

    Hope you had a good nanna nap.