Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today is Thursday...

It is a bit of a rest day for me today, and a small study day as well, as these papers are pretty full on - feeling a little nervous already....

Anyway this next paragraph, it is going to be a bit of a bitch session about the CRPS - if there is one thing I hate about the CRPS, it is how it affects our teeth, my bottom front teeth are so wobbly, one semi-hard pull and they would just come out, actually I could probably just wiggle them out. I hate hate hate what it has done to my teeth, and it seems to be quite a common problem among people with CRPS. The theory behind it is, that our meds give us dry mouth and because we don't have enough saliva to keep them happy they start to loose enamel etc.... My top teeth are currently fine thank god. I am not sure what I am going to go, probably get false teeth for the bottom maybe.... I don't know but I do know I hate it :(. 

Finally pretty much caught up with most things for the week, apart from a couple of things like washing the kitchen cupboard doors and thats about it, and answering a few emails from the CRPS website, which I better do straight after this :)

Kids are all finished school now for life, Chris passed his 3 Wairakei courses and has a graduation he can go to, somehow I can't see him walking down the street in a graduation gown but hey he might just surprise me. He is currently at his girlfriends place, they went out for dinner for her birthday last night, so will talk to him today about it :)

For the summer semester, I have 9 online tests/assignments to least they are all quite nicely spread apart, and the exams are 3 hours :(. 

Anyway thats it from me for now, time to do an hour or two of study, (after I have replied to the CRPS emails) the papers are science papers so all new to me, and boy some of the words are hard to say yet alone spell lol. 

Have a fantastic day all :)


  1. I hope Chris does do the Graduation walk in his gown, seems cheesy but it is a celebration of what he has achieved and it is nice to have those graduation photos.

    Good luck with your study :-)

    1. I asked and he says no way lol. He said it's not like it is a proper graduation :)

  2. Didn't realise you were doing a summer semester. Hope you still have plenty of time to enjoy some relaxation.


    1. Yip, starts on Monday, no peace for the wicket :)