Sunday, December 29, 2013

A little of this, a little of that....

Christmas First - the day was pretty good, Steph and Rob spent Christmas Eve here, so we all got up together, and had brunch, then we opened our presents, was a really nice, we all got spoilt including the puppies :)

The Christmas Tree with all the presents :)

The table with some of the food, we had croissants, sausage rolls and little sausages (requested by the kids lol - not our choice), hash browns, scrambled eggs, ham and can not remember what else, but it was nice and easy to prepare :)

David and Chris (can't believe the twins are now 18)

Steph and her boyfriend Rob holding the lovely expensive perfume he got her for Christmas :)

Biscuit enjoying her present, once she opened her present she decided she wanted to open them all, she kept going to the tree and trying to grab them it was so funny lol

Biscuit still enjoying her presents 

Chico with some wrapping in her mouth from her present, she got her treats and ran to the bedroom to eat them in peace.

She also got a new toy, which she loves.

So Christmas was lovely, after the opening of the presents the kids and I went to my sisters in Tauranga, for lunch, we only stayed about 3 hours as I was pretty sore and Rob had put his back out the day before at work, so he was feeling a little worse for wear as well. David went to Hamilton with his family as his brother and his two sisters and his mum were there, I didn't go there as it was two long a drive for me, and I didn't want him to come home early because of me. This was the first time in years that the siblings and his mum were together for Christmas day in years. 

From there things started to go downhill with Biscuit, on Saturday we had to take her to the vet for her weekly injection for her arthritis, we also got him to check out her face as it was really swollen. He said under her tongue was swollen and her lymph nodes were all swollen, it was one of two things an infection that could have come from a bee sting or something, or the other 'Lymphoma' (cancer), he started her on antibiotics and if no improvement by Tuesday/Wednesday or she gets a lot worse bring her back. At this stage there is no major improvement, she is drinking a lot, and is still eating though very slowly,  she does not seem to be in to much pain, though she is sleeping a lot of the day. Her legs are a little unsteady as well, looking at her today after 36 hours of antibiotics there is no real change, so we think we are looking at the lymphoma. We will watch her day by day on when she will go to sleep, and also get the vets opinion. We are still praying the antibiotics will kick in.... We are not going to let her suffer, she is an older dog, she has a good life and we love her to much to let her stay in pain if she is. Chris is coming back from Auckland tomorrow early as he wants to see her before we make the decision. Chico is being really good with Biscuit and not hassling her and annoying her like she normally does. A part of me is hoping she just may go in her sleep. 

The house is feeling a little quiet, no-one really talking, we won't leave her alone so though David is on holiday we have not really done anything. Me I am feeling really out of sorts, I am trying to keep myself occupied and busy, I was hoping to be distracted by friends, but everyone was to busy or doing their own thing to chat :(. Sometimes it is nice to talk to people not involved as they can help take your mind of things - oh well. 

Looking at the photos of Biscuit on Christmas Day, you would not believe it is the same dog. Here she is yesterday with her swollen lymph nodes :(.

I did my goals for 2014, they are not weight-loss goals or any of the goals we do year in and year out, they are my personal goals just for me, will talk more about that next time. Oh yeah did an online test today only got 11/20, just could not concentrate at all but at least it is a pass if only just :)

Hope everyone has a safe new year, and keeps out of trouble, see you in 2014 :)


  1. So sorry to hear about Biscuit. Much love xx

    1. Thanks Jen, we are still hoping it is an infection but as each day goes by it is less and less it is :(

  2. Whatever happens Biscuit is a much loved pooch! Heres to the end of another year......

    1. Thanks Sharon, things are not looking good, but she is happy enough for now, so take it day by day :)