Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas is only days away now

I got my nails done, was going to go Christmasy but decided once Christmas was over I would want to get rid of the nails, and that would be a waste of money :) So we decided on a little flower and lovely pink nails just for summer. The flowers are actual real dried little flowers. I have gel polish as well, so they will last the three to four weeks, the photos are not that great sorry :). I get them done at "Get Nailed" in Rotorua, she is awesome :).

As Christmas is here, you have to have a Xmas tree up, we have a little fibre optic one, except the fibre optic is no longer working so we added a small set of lights. Most of the presents are now under the tree, we are having a xmas morning brunch with the kids, then off to my sisters in Tauranga for lunch. We have the tree up high else Chico thinks they presents are all for her and rips the paper off :) (Again sorry for the bad photo's I really need to start using my real camera again rather than the iPhone).

I love my little Xmas wizard, he comes out every year, when we had a bigger tree, he would proudly sit on the top :)

Here we have 2 little puppies, hot and bothered and trying to sleep and cool down :)
Miss Biscuit

And of course Miss Chico chops, she has just had another summer coat haircut last weekend and is feeling so much better.

Well 2014 is starting of not to bad, both kids have a job, only part time but better than nothing, they just may lead to full-time jobs. Steph is going to be trained up to be a shift manager, so she is stoked, her boyfriend is going to be made manager, as the owner is looking at buying another business and he will be working in that. 

2 lots of clothes have arrived, still waiting on one more, but it is being held up at customs, waiting for clearance, hopefully that will be soon, as I would love the skirt I ordered for Xmas day, as it will also go well with my coffin handbag that I may or may not have purchased also the dress I was going to wear I am not sure if I like, Steph is coming over tomorrow to give her opinion :). 

I have started reducing my medication at the moment it is only Panadol as I can do that myself, next will be Tramadol and from there I will need to be under a doctor to reduce anything else :). I am hoping that I will only need to take Tramadol as required on worse days rather than having it in my body 24 hours a day. I will need to use the "Tens machine" more rather than drugs, but thats ok :)

Study is still going, and still scraping through with my marks for the online tests and worksheets. We don't really get a study break these holidays bugger. 

Anyway thats it from me for now, have a great weekend all, David is on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks, looking forward to it, not doing to much, just some day outings, so hope we have some cooler days, speaking of cooler days it has just started raining here a couple of hours ago, and the temp is much better :).


  1. Love love love the nails.

    All the very best to you and yours for the festive season and 2014.

  2. Your nails are lovely. Your Christmas sounds like it will be fabulous. I love your little tree. We have a fibre optic wreath for the front door - they're so pretty at night. xx

    1. Oh might have to keep an eye out for a fibre optic wreath... hopefully I can find one after Christmas when the sales are on ;)

  3. We have a very similar wizard except that his robe and hat are blue & silver - he is always on the top of our tree.

    1. Maybe after Christmas I can buy a bigger tree in the sale, so next year he can sit on the top again :)

  4. Nice idea, Jackie! Your nails certainly feel the holiday season too, hehehe! Just remember to keep your hands and nail polish moisturized. You'll see that nicks and chips won't deter your nails. I hope you get more creative with your nail designs!

    Beulah May @ Bernards Salon and Spa