Monday, December 16, 2013

Just in case....

you had not noticed, I have changed the look of the blog :)

Tomorrow I have my psychologist session, looking forward to it, David is coming this time round, we both need this session I think - really looking forward to it, I have so much I need to get out :)

A friend of mine does these CRPS awareness bracelets, it is on a leather strap with the orange ribbon, a heart with survivor on it and some spoons for the 'spoon theory'. She had made me one before but it was a little small so I took the things of and placed them on my charm bracelet. She is selling them so if anyone is interested let me know :).

She also gave me this as a little extra, a heart with the CRPS orange ribbon on it, I have added that to my charm bracelet. 

 I order 'GoodieBox' each month, you pay $25 plus $4.95 postage each month and they send you beauty stuff, you get 5 things, some are sample sizes, some are full sizes, this is the Christmas box for December, was not to bad :)

In this box came:

  • Moreish Argan Oil (Full size RRP $35.00) - I got the full size one in the pack.
  • Matte Perfect Shine Control (Full size 30 sheets RRP $15.00) - It says 30 sheets on the pack I got, but it looks a little tiny for 30 sheets)
  • Manicure Glam Nail Pens (Full size 5mls RRP $15.00) - I got a full size one in the pack
  • Palmers EvanTone BB Cream (Full size 30mls RRP $16.00) - I only got a little sample
  • Tui Balm Bee Balm (Full size RRP 25g $9.00) - I got the full size.
  • Bourjois Paris Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadow (Full size 8.5g RRP $23.00) I got the full size.
  • Isowhey Protein Bar (Full size  Box of 15 Bars RRP $46.80) I got 1 bar :)
So all in all not a bad box, I will use the Manicure Glam Nail Pen and the Eyeshadow looks interesting, and the Bee Balm also looks like it would be useful. So all up I got approx $100 of stuff for $45, so not a bad score this month.

Well Christmas day is getting nearer now, hope the day is not to hot, as this heat is not making the CRPS very happy :). Between us all in the family, we have something like 9 courier parcels arriving this week, I really hope the dress I ordered arrives this week, I want it for xmas day. It has been nearly 3 weeks so it should be any day now, it was free postage and did not come with a tracking number. And one of the packages just might be the coffin bag in the post below :)

Anyway thats it from me for now, catch you all in a few days, actually probably Wednesday when I will show you what my nails will look like :)

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