Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Here we are, halfway through another working week already, not that I work but I do study full-time :).

Over on my other "blog" I have joined a "Love EVERY Body" workshop, first job was to write a letter to our body - go over and check it out, link is in the word blog up one line :). It was a real eye opener for me :).

Last weekend we went and had a look at the "Lakeside Market", they are there every fortnight throughout the year except for Christmas when they are weekly, here are a few pics, the markets are ok. They have an assortment of crafts etc....

I am really loving these spiral things for plants like beans, tomatoes etc in pots, or in the garden, they come in different sizes :)

Yesterday I had an online quiz for study, am glad to say I passed, so one quiz down 3 more to go. Study is going pretty good, managing to keep on top of things just...

Christmas is coming up pretty fast, still need to buy presents but at least I have an idea of what I am going to get everybody so thats a bonus, well most of the gifts anyway :).

An amazing lady who has CRPS has designed these bracelets for CRPS awareness, the band is leather, and we have spoons on it, (if you don't know about the spoon theory - click "here" to find out about it), then it has the CRPS awareness ribbon, as well as a heart saying survivor, and the circle by the link where it closes says hope. She is selling them, and soon I will add a link to the side bar on how you can get them if you would like one. They are awesome and can be made to fit any size, so for me I got it made to fit my swollen wrist. It is great that they can be sized because those orange rubber ones never ever fit my wrist. And these are really classy :)

Anyway back into the study our exam results will be through any day now, so cross fingers/toes anything for me please, I am not feeling that confident :(. Oh yeah mother in law is back in hospital last night, she has very very low haemoglobin, so not sure what they will do, will find out more today I assume. 

Anyway better go, those books won't open themselves - have a fantastic day all, and don't forget to check out my other blog, oh and 1 more thing we are going to have 4G installed today, hope it makes a difference to the internet.... will be interesting to see if it is any quicker :)


  1. I really like those spiral things too. I might have to pop down and have a look. I've got a lot of pots on my deck.

    Catch up tomorrow still.

  2. You have some wonderful markets by the sounds of it…not many like those in this area.
    Have a great weekend.