Thursday, December 12, 2013

This week has been about me.....

I got my hair cut and the roots bleached, I painted my nails nice, I get them done again next week with 2 feature nails.... and will do a Gel Polish for over the holiday period - so I can relax with them. Today I got my eyebrows shaped and coloured, so am all beautiful again.

I also have ordered some clothes which I am hoping will arrive and fit, cause I want one of the dresses for Christmas Day, so come Christmas Day not only will I look beautiful, I will smell beautiful as well :)

I also have spent a little money on stuff from The Body Shop and Lush, for more info on that check out my other blog "here" :)

Well in about 4 weeks time, I will be slowly coming of my meds, not sure what one's first, will see what the doctor has to say first. Someone I know is doing a book on CRPS, I am going to put my story in it - I want to get that done this weekend, have a dictaphone so that will make it easier than typing it.

The weather here has been pretty warm the last couple of days, my body is really cold to touch yet I am sweating.... CRPS does some weird things to my body :)

Anyway not much has happened really getting the last of the Christmas presents, studying and doing some online shopping for me :)

Oh and one more thing, a friend of mine does fascinators, go and check out her Facebook page "here", it has jewellery etc as well on it. So if you want something special and unique, go and check out her page.

Have a great weekend all :)


  1. Your shopping looks delicious .... for your skin :) Looking forward to seeing your new outfits too.

    It's almost the weekend again. I just can't keep up with days that seem to fly and yet I have so little to show for them.

    Wishing you a good day tomorrow and following on.


    1. Thanks MargieAnne, hope all is well with you, looking forward to a blog update soon ;)

  2. Love the purple fascinator…

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Yeah it is cool, am thinking I might get one to match one of my dresses if they fit :)