Thursday, January 2, 2014

1st Jan 2014,

Yes I know today is the second, but I want to talk about the first first :)

Yesterday Chris was home so David and I decided to go out about lunchtime as Chris could look after Biscuit...

We went to Ngatea to the 'Water Gardens', it was a lovely walk around, was not to hot a little breeze so decided to walk and not use the chair.

There were many cool little signs scattered around the park, which is what made it :)

He apparently has some of the oldest turtles in New Zealand here. The turtles were all out and sunbathing when we left, but my camera battery had died.

There was even a crocodile in the ponds, he also has goldfish for sale :)

They had a castle and yes a photo of me, not a very good one mind you :)

There were signs were all like this around the place.

There were many lilly-pads in the ponds, they looked spectacular, tried to find a frog but no such luck

Thought this was rather witty, the toilet with feet coming out of it :)

Got to love the sheep in the paddock with the sign on the gate :)

This sign was just by some tree's that dropped nuts etc

I always love these signs

Self explanatory :)

A cute waterfall

You could rent this place out for weddings etc....

They had these amazing rooms of cans from everywhere, some were still fill others empty - they were from all over the world.

So that was the day, was a really nice day until.....

The dark side of CRPS happened. David lost the plot with me big time and told me I "was crazy and f**ked in the head because of my meds, A day later I am still in shock over those words. What the future holds I have no idea, but thank god for headphones and iPhones to listen to my music and laptops to watch you tubes.... is all I can say. Try living with it then there might be some empathy towards it.... I don't normally write about the dark side of CRPS, but I am going to this year cause this is what it is like for me, and by not writing it I am not being honest with everyone. CRPS does not only affect me but it affects the whole household and friends. Steph is moving home for a week, when she has gone back to her flat, I will move into her room, in the meantime we are going to live like flatmates.

Today I have been trying to study and what should take 1 hour to answer, has taken me all day, as I am just not concentrating. 


  1. What a lovely place to visit. I am ashamed to say we have never been yet drive past often.

    I am so sorry you had a rotten end to the day. [[[hugs]]]


    1. You should pop in and see it, and thanks for the hugs - to be honest this has been in the background for a while now.... at least I know what the future holds now.

    2. Yes time for a catch up. Maybe sunday????

    3. Sunday is good, sorry I mucked up your spa :)

  2. Hugs Jackie, sorry to read you a nasty end to a lovely day.

  3. Thinking of ya Jaxx what a stink end to your nice day. Hope it all works out ok