Sunday, January 19, 2014

2 posts in 2 days....

Today David and I went to the "market" at the lake front, it was pretty good today as there were quite a few stalls.... and it was busy as there was a car fair on at the same park. 

End of last year this stall selling sausages turned up, we kept checking every time to see if they turned up again, sadly they didn't until today - they are from Taupo, anyway they sell the most lovely flavoured sausages, they have a Facebook page, check them out "here". Today we got some Beef & Cheese, Venison, and Lamb curry apple & Sultana flavoured sausages. Each packet has about 6 sausages in and are about $8-$11. They do courier outside of Taupo as well :).

At the market I picked up my bracelets, that I had ordered, the black one fits perfect but the blue one is a little small bugger it, anyway was going to exchange it but Steph liked it, so gave it to her, so might have to order another one for me :)

We then went to the car fair, gosh there are some lovingly looked after cars there, if I was a mechanic I would love to own an old morris minor or something...

That blue Morris in the picture below I love..., some of the older cars there like the Cortina's reminded me of my younger days, when we used to hoon around in them

After that we went out to brunch to celebrate David's birthdays, a few days late, but again with Biscuit being sent to doogy world, we didn't really feel like celebrating much...

We went to "Zippy's Cafe", I had a curry (Yeah I know strange for brunch but it was more like lunchtime before we actually ate), didn't really enjoy it, so that came home in a doggy bag as David liked it. 

So another enjoyable morning/early afternoon had by us. 

One thing I am freaking out about, is what I think is methadone withdrawals, it has been 11 days since I reduced by 2.5mgs, and the last few days when I am having my afternoon sleep, I am having really frighting dreams and hallucinations, I feel like my body is to heavy to move, and am having all these weird and bazar and scary thoughts, I can only put it down to the methadone withdrawal...... It is terrifying me, today was the worst day I have ever had...... Anybody got anything to offer, I am thinking I might go back to the GP sooner rather than later....


  1. Hi

    It sounds like you are having sleep paralysis....quite a common thing look it up on wikipedia..



    1. Thanks Peta will look into that later on today after study :)

  2. We have Bruces sausages the curry ones and he is at the markets on Saturdays his shop is on Acacia Bay straight in first block of shops when you come off Norman Smith onto Acacia Bay Rd....

    1. We are having the curry ones for dinner tonight :)